Settings for games on Samsung

Game Launcher   for Samsung Game settings allow you to control useful features during gameplay. There are 2 options available on Samsung smartphones: Game Launcher and Game Tools .

Game Launcher

Game Launcher automatically collects all games in one place and provides additional useful game functions. Now your games will not be scattered all over the phone, and icons will be collected in one folder – very convenient.

To activate, go to Settings – Additional. Features – Games – Game Launcher.

Game Launcher

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Game Tools

Game Tools provides useful game parameters and functions. During the game, you can open an additional menu: turn off notifications, take a screenshot of the gameplay, turn on screen recording, reject all incoming calls – in short, turn off everything that interferes with a comfortable game on the phone.

To enable, go to Settings – Advanced. functions – Games – GameTools.

Game Tools for Samsung

These two functions previously had to be downloaded as a separate application in Google Play Store, but now, starting with Android 7.0, they are built into the operating system.

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