Why we need to turn off the Internet for 5 years

I do not write such materials so often, but today the time has come to share with you an opinion that I had for a long enough period and was not ready to disclose due to the fact that I myself was not sure of what I felt and thought about this issue. The topic is important and it concerns our feelings about the smartphone market. Let's remember the distant 2012, when the Galaxy S3 appeared. It was the most memorable time – the peak of the development of mobile gadgets.

Why we need to turn off the Internet for 5 years

Why do we need to turn off the Internet

I remember even those who were not particularly interested in this market bought themselves an S3 and were happy to be able to control the interface with eye movements. The function then, of course, worked out of hand (bad), but still we were happy to see this in the phone. I remember how literally everyone admired the new Galaxy and considered it the benchmark for the development of the entire electronics market. These oval shapes, coupled with AMOLED – the screen made the phone just space.

I also remember iPhone 4, for which I was ready for anything. It was a fantastic phone at the time. However, everything is in the past, and nothing will surprise me. Perhaps age and the fact that I am simply accustomed to smartphones and know what manufacturers will work on in 2020 and 2021 are to blame, but the thought that the smartphone market has lost some kind of magic does not leave me.

I remember vividly 2013 when Samsung showed a video of a foldable phone concept at CES. Surprisingly, this concept looks more futuristic than the Galaxy Fold . This is what Fold looks like:

Why we need to turn off the Internet for 5 years

Galaxy Fold

And so the concept:

Why we need to turn off the Internet for 5 years

Galaxy foldable phone concept

In my opinion, until we have grown to the level of the concept, because the Fold against its background seems somehow awkward and too massive. These are just the first steps and the 'Wow' effect, unfortunately, with the release of foldable phones, I have not experienced. Yes, the screen bends, so what? Even if Samsung comes out with a roll-up phone tomorrow, it's unlikely to impress me. And that's why I named this material that way.

Technologies develop quickly, but we also quickly get used to good things and no longer notice revolutionary solutions. If we were shown the Fold in 2013, we would surely go crazy with such an amazing phone, but this is not happening today. And even if Samsung shows a full copy of the 2013 concept, we won't buy it because it's expensive and familiar. Most of us haven't even used foldable phones yet, but they already seem familiar and uninteresting.

Even if in 2022 we are shown a rolling watch, we will not be surprised, because we already know what the market is capable of. We know there is work in progress on expandable batteries, we know there are also flexible motherboards, graphene batteries are coming soon. Already, based on our knowledge, we can estimate the approximate development of the smartphone market, and that is why I want to forget the gadget market for 5 years, so that then I can feel those emotions of delight at how everything has developed.

108-megapixel cameras were once considered something unreal, but today they are commonplace. Wireless charging seemed like magic, but not now. Budget phones are equipped with premium cases and AMOLED – screens. Well, where else? I am no longer surprised at anything and it drives me crazy. I want to be surprised, but I can't.

The only thing that will make me wonder is, probably, 3D holograms, but so far this is too far away – it is difficult to imagine a technology that will make this possible in ordinary smartphones. Your opinion is interesting. Share it in the comments and subscribe to us in Telegram.

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