How to add a photo to an already written message in Telegram on Android

Telegram has been my main messenger for many years. It somehow happened that I got hooked on it right after launch, giving up iMessage, which I used before. Despite the fact that I did not conduct business of national importance, the presence of advanced encryption protocols played a defining role for me. Only after a long time I realized that I could not find a more convenient messenger, and even WhatsApp, which everyone uses in general, cannot replace Pavel Durov's solution. However, this does not mean that Telegram is so perfect from itself.

How to add a photo to an already written message in Telegram on Android

Telegram for Android was not as logical and convenient as iOS

I have repeatedly received negative reviews from my friends, whom I tried to hook on Telegram, about the illogical design of its interface. And recently, for some reason, indignation has been especially common about the fact that the messenger does not allow attaching a media file after the text has been typed. As a result, the writer has to either erase the text, attach an attachment, and type all over again, or bother with copying and pasting, which, generally speaking, is also not pleasant.

How to add a photo to the text in Telegram

Especially infuriating, these friends of mine say, that there is no such problem on iOS. There, the paper clip icon, clicking on which allows you to attach an attachment, does not disappear when typing, but hangs all the time to the left of the input line. To be honest, I myself have never paid attention to this problem. Either I had no need to attach a media file after typing, or it was always logical for me that you can add it in another equally simple way, but the fact remains that this Telegram feature never bothered me.

  • Launch Telegram on your Android – smartphone and open the desired chat;
  • Click on the typing line and write a message to the addressee;

How to add a photo to an already written message in Telegram on Android

Sometimes three dots can really replace a paper clip.

  • After that, click on the context menu (three vertical dots in the upper right corner);
  • In the window that opens, select the files you want to attach and confirm the sending.

Why Telegram is better for iOS than for Android

How to add a photo to an already written message in Telegram on Android

Look, on iOS the paper clip does not disappear anywhere even when typing

Perhaps this method of attaching media attachments to Telegram after typing text will seem illogical to someone. When I paid attention to this, I thought so myself. After all, why couldn't the paperclip button be placed to the left of the input line as implemented in iOS? Indeed, because of this trifle, many users Android have to suffer and spend extra time retyping messages if they suddenly forgot to attach a file before starting to type a message.

I have no idea what exactly is the reason for the unwillingness of Telegram developers to make the messenger interface for Android exactly the same as for iOS. Perhaps someone suggested to them that it would be more convenient this way, and perhaps some limitations of the operating system from Google played a role. But something tells me that the reason is much more prosaic. It's just that different teams are working on different versions of Telegram, which, although they have common guidelines, do not cover all aspects. Therefore, if as many users as possible express their dissatisfaction, the developers will listen to us and do everything in their mind.

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