How easy is it to install OS Android to iPhone?

Set Android to iPhone You are the owner of 'apple products', but the standard IOS seems a little boring to you, and the system of Google developers called Android seemed interesting, then it is quite possible to make yours iPhone on Android in a few easy steps. This requires your device to be IOS. Today iPhone 3G has the best support, so in this guide I will show you how to install Android on iPhone 3G.

Difference between porting to iPhoDroid and iDroid

I want to highlight two options for porting Android to 'apple devices':

  • iPhoDroid
  • iDroid

They differ in that:

  • In the iDroid, the user must download the Bootlace installation package via Cydia, which will actually install the bootloader on your iPhone OpenBoot.
  • To download Android using the iphoDroid method, you only need to download the OpenSSH installation package from Cydia, and then the thing is the technique.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that when the entire operation is completed, the user will receive two systems on his phone. That is, it IOS will remain intact and it will be possible to boot into the OS Android.

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Emulator iOS for the system Android: Video

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Setting Android to iPhone

Below I will describe the step-by-step instructions for installing Android to myself on iPhone.

  • First you need to download and add Bootlace to yourself in Cydia. This is necessary so that the user can connect via Bootlace and download OpeniBoot from the iDroid on the server for installation on an 'apple device'. In addition, the application will automatically determine the compatibility of your phone's hardware and iDevice firmware.

Bootlace Adding Bootlace to Cydia

  • The OpeniBoot installation procedure does not take long. After installation, it will notify you of the changes made and the readiness in the kernel iOS for multiboot systems.

Reboot Installing iDroid Firmware procedure

  • During the phone reboot, the screen will show 3 boot options:
  1. iOS – your mobile platform, which is on your phone by default.
  2. OpeniBoot console is a console with access to OpeniBoot and a PC that is USB connected to the iDevice.
  3. iDroid– item of the future OS Android.

Boot options

Switching between items occurs due to the volume keys, and the choice is the Home button.

  • You need to select iOS, open Bootlace and install iDroid. After installation, it can be removed or updated to a newer version than what you have, if at that time not the latest firmware release is installed.

Application version

  • You need to restart your iDevice, then select the green robot when loading.

IDroid lock IDroid logo

As you can see, the installation Android is done without problems and in just a couple of steps. But this method is not guaranteed on absolutely all devices. In fact, the installation of Android to iPad is done in a similar way and should also go through without problems, but the developers indicated only three models – this is the iPhone 3G, 2G and the first series iPod touch player. For all other devices, they answered briefly and clearly – 'Porting-in-Progress'.

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Android vs. Iphone: Video

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How to bet iPhone to Android

I also want to explain how you can put iPhone for Android. It will be interesting for people who don't like the 'naked' Android interface or are tired of it.

But for Android devices, the solution is much easier: you don't have to install it IOS, but just insert a shell (launcher) that looks exactly the same as itself IOS. There are several such apps, but the most popular one can be downloaded for free on Google Play called Launcher 8 , which is available here.

Shell iPhone to Android Launcher 8 Launcher 8 menu view

Many will ask, what will happen if the application for iPhone is installed on Android? This is a good question, since the shell itself will not replace all the functionality, namely the launch of programs for IOS. But there is a way out of this situation. For this there is a Cider emulator, which, in fact, can run IOS – applications. The only inconvenience in this all is the low performance of applications and the lack of operation of sensors, for example, GPS.

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How to set iOS to Android: Video

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