Samsung openly says it sells user data to Samsung Pay

Despite the fact that it is Apple that is considered perhaps the most caring company when it comes to ensuring the safety of customers, Samsung, until recently, also never became involved in cases of leaking user data. However, in the coming year, it suddenly turned out that the Koreans, firstly, are leaking some of their confidential information to China, and, secondly, they are not sufficiently careful to protect their devices from hacker attacks. But who would have thought that Samsung would easily sell Samsung Pay user data? Well at least they allow it to be banned.

Samsung openly says it sells user data to Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay user data is ruthlessly sold to the side

Samsung is committed to selling user data to Samsung Pay, but it also allows this kind of trade to be banned. This was noticed by the residents of the United States using the payment service. According to them, such an opportunity was absent earlier and appeared only this year. You can verify this by going to the privacy management section, which has been available for some time in the Samsung Pay interface. There, users are invited to familiarize themselves with the terms of service and, if desired, disable the sale of their data.

How to stop selling your data

Samsung openly says it sells user data to Samsung Pay

Don't want your data to be traded? Set ban

Interestingly, this feature is available only in the US and is not available for users from Europe, India, Russia and other countries. This means that it is directly related to the entry into force of the law regulating the activities of companies that have access to confidential information. Most likely, the emergence of a restrictive mechanism is a consequence of the adoption of California law, which requires companies to explain to their customers in full detail how they use their personal data, as well as give them the opportunity to request a complete package of information about themselves and prohibit their transfer or sale to third parties. persons.

However, the important thing here is not even that the Americans were able to rein in Samsung, but that it generally allows itself to trade user data. Still, payment information belongs to the category of sensitive, because it can tell not only about what a particular person buys, but also about where and how often he is. And according to these data, it is already possible to track all his movements, lifestyle and, possibly, even wealth. Yes, it is possible that Samsung does not leak all the data. But if she merges at least something, this is already a serious reason to ask the question, but what, in fact, prevents her from merging everything else?

Why Samsung Sells Your Data

Understanding why Samsung allows itself this behavior is, by and large, not difficult. The fact is that Samsung, unlike Apple, does not charge banks any commission fees for each contactless transaction, and therefore actually provides users with free access to its service. But did you really think that such a convenient and promising product from the point of view of audience scaling could in principle be commercially unprofitable? Of course not. And since it is provided free of charge, it was quite logical to assume that the goods are those who use it.

I really do not want to draw parallels and build inference chains. However, at the same time, one cannot but admit the fact that using Android, which has always been considered a 'free' operating system due to the ability to use paid applications without paying anything for it, is becoming really dangerous today. After all, if Apple guarantees that it does not trade in our data, then neither Google, nor Samsung, nor anyone else can give such a guarantee. And the conclusions of what to do with this, you must make yourself.

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