How do I turn off voicemail on my phone?

Voice mail There are several ways to disable the Voicemail service in your phone: use a third-party application through the quick menu or call the operator through the Settings menu (not in all smartphones).

Operator menu

To turn off voicemail, you will need to dial one of the proposed codes, depending on your service provider:

  • MTS – 11129192 #
  • Beeline – 110010 #
  • Megaphone – 1053006 #
  • Tele2 – 1211 #

If the code did not work, dial the operator directly and disable the service. Or use the voice menu.

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Through personal account

You can also manage all connected services through your personal account.

  • MTS:
  • Beeline:
  • Megaphone:
  • Tele2:
  • Motive:

We go to the site, login is your phone, the password should come in the form of an SMS to this number. And already in the personal account we are looking for the section “Connected services” and manually disable unnecessary ones, incl. and Voicemail.

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Via the Settings menu

Open the settings and enter “Voice mail” in the search field.

Voice mail

On Xiaomi the Voicemail service is located here:

  • Settings – Applications – System applications.
  • Phone – Advanced Settings – Other Settings.

Voicemail settings

If you do not have an option to disable Voicemail among the settings, then you need to disable call forwarding. Go back to Settings and look for (search field at the top) “Forwarding”. Go to the menu:

  • Settings – Applications – System applications – Call forwarding.
  • Phone – Call forwarding.

Call forwarding

In the menu, we disable any forwarding to any numbers (erase the numbers) if the phone is busy, if you cannot answer or the subscriber is not available. Or select “Disable” from the menu.

Disable call forwarding to voicemail

If your operator does not support turning off call forwarding, go to the last reception – turn off Voicemail through a third-party application.

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Remove Voicemail app

Install the Remove Voicemail application from the Play Market.

Remove Voicemail

At the first launch, we give the application permission to read all notifications. Click “Configure Permissions” in the first step. And we give the application access.

Permission for the program

At the second stage (yellow screen), the developers report that our smartphone is supported, and the program is still running in test mode. Finish setting up and go to the main screen of the program. We enable the application (Enable App) and press the “Select Notification” button to select the notifications from the voicemail and delete them.

Delete voicemail

I hope these methods helped you to turn off the Voicemail service on your phone. If you know more ways, share in the comments.

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Video how to disable Voicemail

  • How do I turn off voicemail on my phone?

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