How do I remove games and unnecessary apps from my phone?

Remove app from phone The more installed and working applications in the phone, the less free memory remains and the slower the smartphone or tablet works. I recommend that you clean your phone memory once a month by removing unnecessary games and programs.

First way. Long press on the application icon – the basket will appear at the top of the screen (or on the side) – we transfer the icon to the basket for quick removal.

Second way. Go to Settings – All Applications (Applications). Select the program you want to remove and click the “Remove” button. Before uninstalling, I recommend clearing the cache and files of this application. there is a possibility that after uninstalling the program, they will remain on the phone.

Cleaning and uninstalling apps

It is better to install applications and store their data on a memory card without cluttering up the memory of your phone or tablet. To do this, go to Settings – About phone – Storage – Memory settings to select a location for storing data.

Memory settings

If there is no memory card in the phone, these settings will be ignored.

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