What makes iPhone so unique and desirable among tech fans Apple?

IPhone in hand

Modern smartphones have become one of the most significant items in our life:

  • They allow us to stay connected with friends and family even from a distance.
  • They help us to organize our life – thanks to this gadget we can plan this or that event.
  • They serve as a source of news, entertainment and storage of memories.

Despite the fact that today's market is full of various devices that can easily cope with these tasks, there is one smartphone that everyone wants to buy – this iPhone.

“Apple” smartphone has become widespread in America and around the world. This brand is known as well as Bork or Faberlic in Russia. Apple were able to divide the smartphone market into two parts: iPhone and everything else. How did Yabloko manage to achieve such results, and why does everyone want an iPhone, even if they don't need it? Let's find this out.

Brand Apple

It doesn't matter if you like it or not, Apple is one of the most famous brands in the world. And although the company has found its niche largely thanks to the production of smartphones, it was well known and loved long before the appearance of the first iPhone in 2008 (in the USA – 2007), for example, Apple iPod – the first mp3 player to found the new Music on the Go movement. Desktop computers Apple could be found anywhere from children's rooms to educational institutions, and their MacBooks are used by businessmen and students to this day.

Despite the premium quality of apple products, one of the reasons why Apple are so popular is the company's marketing strategy. When advertising their products, Apple always shows energetic, successful and self-confident people, and buyers begin to think that everything is possible with their products. Who would pass up the opportunity to become one of them? In addition to advertising Apple, he uses other methods of brand promotion:

  • Apple provides its products free of charge to major television and film companies. You may not notice it, but there are some gadgets in the world-famous TV series / films Apple.
  • For educational institutions, there is a system of discounts for the purchase of products Apple. For American schools / colleges / universities, having classrooms that are equipped with company technology is not incredible.

Another means of advertising are branded stores Apple. The so-called “temples” of the company. All branded stores Apple (Apple Store) advertise the basic principles of the company: simplicity, aesthetic minimalism, etc. Apple even patented some design elements of their stores.

Store Apple in New York

Taken together, all this proves that iPhone has come to an already formed and developed market. And this helped him to make a successful start, but he did the rest of the way himself.

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Apple is a separate world

One of the best features of the iPhone is its high degree of integration with the rest of the gadgets Apple. The company is often referred to as a “walled garden” because iPhone is compatible only with other products Apple, forming a kind of ecosystem. This approach allows for the smooth operation of software and ease of use of the company's products among themselves.

Devices Apple

This set of devices Apple is very common among US residents

However, this isolation Apple also affects the users Android of the devices. For example, the proprietary iMessage application is a kind of “Chinese wall” between users iPhone and all other smartphones.

With each purchased product from Apple, the user is more and more immersed in a separate “apple” world. Even if someone releases a better quality product than a smartphone or smartwatch from Apple, it is unlikely that a person will change from his iPhone or MacBook, as he will lose touch with others iOS devices.

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iPhone is innovation

Despite the fact that iPhone was not the first device with a touchscreen – it was the first device in which this technology was perfected, simple and intuitive for users. Such familiar things as fast scrolling of the page with one swipe and unlocking by pressing the screen were first introduced in the iPhone. Apple literally made people want to use their phone, even if they needed it like a regular dialer. For many who have purchased one of their phones, the very moment has come when they say, “The future is here.”

Of course, after 10 years, Apple has released a large number of models iPhone with their own advantages and disadvantages, but in general, they have kept everything that people love them so much. First, there is a sense of luxury. When you hold such a smartphone, you immediately realize that you are holding a premium product: high-quality assembly, materials and elegant design.

iPhone X

But not everyone chooses iPhone in terms of appearance. Thanks to top-end components, it provides excellent performance even in the most difficult applications (games). The smartphone camera is one of the main criteria for which the iPhone is so loved and praised. Perhaps it is the strongest side of the device. It's no secret that iPhone is setting various trends in the mobile market, so other companies are trying to emulate the latest models of the new smartphone from Apple.

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Premium price for premium quality

Everything has a price. Products Apple have always been sold for a lot of money, and although in the modern smartphone market most competitors produce devices similar in price, many, seeing the cost of the latter iPhone (from 60,000 rubles), at a subconscious level consider it “unreasonably expensive” compared to other flagship devices. Apple has never tried to refute such statements in her address. They have always called the cheapest models the “least expensive” simply because they don't want the concept of “cheap” to be associated with their brand. Apple are making the best possible profit from their products and they want to keep this trend going. People often perceive more expensive devices as higher-end products that justify their price. Therefore, they often cannot understand why the new iPhone is more expensive than the new Samsung.

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Steepness factor

This is one of the main buying factors iPhone. Apple has put a tremendous amount of effort (and money) into creating that very sense of pride and coolness that people get for using an iPhone. Achieving such a result is beyond the wildest dreams of any marketing guru.

We are talking about great popularity iPhone not only among celebrities who can be seen with a gadget in their hands in various photos, in movies, etc., but also among ordinary people. Surely every resident in Russia has heard at least once about Wylsacom, which reviews products Apple. By the way, he processes his videos on the iMac. The technique Apple is also used by sportsmen and businessmen. The use of products Apple indicates your success in life, which gives a peculiar aura of “cool”.


Sometimes MacBook is not enough

Many people think that celebrities have too much influence on people, but at the same time they forget that this alignment has existed since the first caveman invented to wrap himself in the skin of an animal, and therefore continue to imitate “the powerful ”. Therefore, when we see a famous person with an iPhone in his hands, it is not just free advertising for Apple, but something that unites the beloved celebrity and his fans.

We also see celebrities driving around in Mercedes and dressing in Louis Vuitton – most of these things ordinary people cannot afford. But what about a smartphone? Today everyone has a smartphone, so when you're looking to buy a new one, why not start saving for $ 2000. more per month and in the end buy the same phone as your favorite star! This is not just show-off or imitation, iPhone – one of the most productive phones and it has one of the best cameras on the market, but most people never use all its advantages. There was even a joke on this score: “iPhone is a $ 1000 brick for social networks”.

When you think about it, a smartphone is one of those things that rich and famous people buy from the same places as you. And it's cool that there are places and things that bring together different segments of the population.

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Apple obsession

It is very strange to watch people who give their last money to get one of the latest devices Apple. The desire to get a newfangled device to stand out from the crowd may seem ridiculous, but as you know, the mind is very easily deceived. Some people really start to believe that with an expensive gadget they will look more solid and confident, even if they have to eat Doshirak noodles for the rest of the month. For them, an expensive thing is an oasis in which they can hide from everyday problems, at least for a while. What better way than looking through photos of celebrities who used the same phone to take those same photos?

What's even more difficult to explain is the huge queues in front of the brand stores. People can live in tents in front of shops Apple for days just to get a new one iPhone a couple of days earlier than if they ordered it online. These lines can only be compared to the lines in theaters when new Star Wars is released.

Queue at Apple Store

Why shop online when you can queue for hours in the cold?

This fanaticism cannot be achieved by marketing alone. And definitely not thanks to the powerful hardware and the excellent camera. Modern Android devices have the same qualities as iPhones, but this factor of toughness is still the defining factor. All those factors that we talked about have made Apple more than just an electronic gadget company. She is now closer to a “lifestyle manufacturing” company that sells tools to sustain this life. Their customer base is not only very solvent, but also forgives them mistakes that other companies would pay dearly for. The people protect Apple, sometimes it is not clear why, but not because this is their favorite brand, but because this is the “family” to which they belong. And an attack on members of their “family” is an attack on them.

Of course, behind some Android – smartphone manufacturers: Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, there is a huge base of loyal fans. Their difference is that they value their smartphones for functionality rather than status.

IPhone vs Android

The war between users Apple and Samsung will never end

It is difficult to say when smartphones became so indispensable in our lives, but due to their capabilities and relatively short lifespan, buying a new phone has become one of the most important decisions in people's lives. And there are so many factors that influence the final decision that many very often quarrel with each other because of their preferences.

Although factors such as “What will people think of me if I walk around with this phone?” some may find it very silly and funny. But people have already proved many times that our actions and the opinions of others depend on our image. However, it is easy to understand when a person's behavior looks just silly, and when it comes to obsession with something. For some, iPhone is a perfect example of capitalism, but for others it is a part of the whole world that is inaccessible to them. And it's important to remember that you don't have to blindly chase the part you never get to.

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