How do I enable / disable call waiting on my phone?

Call waiting

The Call Waiting service allows you to receive a second incoming call during a conversation with the first subscriber. This is very convenient so as not to miss an important call, even if you are chatting on the phone all the time.

  • If call waiting is disabled: during a call, you will not know that someone else is calling you, and for the second caller you will be unavailable or “the network is busy”. Then you will receive an SMS about the missed call.
  • If call waiting is on: during a call, you will hear an incoming call and you can:
    • continue the first conversation and reject the second incoming one;
    • put the first conversation on “call hold”, talk to the second caller, and at the end of the conversation, continue the conversation with the first person;
    • end the first conversation and answer the second call.

How do I turn call waiting on and off?

Most mobile operators turn on Call Waiting by default. It is free, no monthly fee.

To enable the service from your phone, go to Phone (handset icon), call the pop-up menu -> Call waiting.

Alternatively, go to Phone Settings and search for “Call Waiting” in the search bar.

Call waiting

Select a SIM card if your phone has two of them and turn on the “Call Waiting” service.

Call waiting

Done. Now you will be able to receive notification of incoming calls during the first call.

How does the service work with a third incoming call? When the first is on hold, are you talking to the second, and a third person calls you at that time? Leave your answer options in the comments.

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