Why I'd rather buy a fitness bracelet instead of a smartwatch

Today it has become somehow indecent to have only one smartphone in your arsenal. Therefore, in addition to it, many people buy all sorts of accessories like fitness bracelets, wireless headphones and smart watches. Moreover, for the majority, this is exactly what an accessory that is designed to emphasize their advancement. After all, if you wear an electronic device in your ears or on your wrist, you managed, firstly, to buy it, and, secondly, to connect it to a smartphone, which for many is still a very nontrivial task, judging by the queries in Google. But, if you buy, then what?

Why I'd rather buy a fitness bracelet instead of a smartwatch

The best smartwatches are fitness bracelets

I've never owned a smartwatch regardless of the smartphone I use, and I'm still not going to buy one. In my opinion, this is an absolutely useless waste of money, which is completely unjustified in the presence of devices such as fitness bracelets. They are for me the most practical accessory from the abundance of solutions available on the market today.

How much does a smart watch cost

Why I'd rather buy a fitness bracelet instead of a smartwatch

Functional smartwatches are too expensive

Fitness bracelets are cheap and this is their main advantage. If you open Yandex.Market, you will see that the most numerous category of smartwatches falls on the segment of 7-10 thousand rubles. But almost all of them either belong to no-name brands, or are not sold officially in Russia and require dances with a tambourine for localization and adaptation to our realities, or they have an extremely curtailed set of functions. That is, such solutions are clearly focused not on the mass buyer, but on geeks.

The main sales are in the segment of 10-20 thousand rubles. All those smartwatches that you hear about in advertisements and meet in reviews on YouTube belong to it. Huawei Watch GT, Honor Magic Watch, Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi Mi Watch, Apple Watch, Garmin and others. These smart watches are already incomparably more famous in comparison with handicrafts Amazfit, Digma, Figma and other brands from the Middle Kingdom, more attractive design and, in fact, that's all. After all, by and large, they cannot boast of anything outstanding.

Smart watch or fitness bracelet

Why I'd rather buy a fitness bracelet instead of a smartwatch

Fitness bracelets, in fact, can do the same thing as a smartwatch.

No matter how strange it may sound, but from a functional point of view, smartwatches today hardly differ from fitness bracelets. Let's think, what are they doing? They measure the pulse, count steps, show the time, send notifications, allow you to pay for purchases in a contactless way, act as an alarm clock. Yes, sometimes there are other functions like measuring pressure and taking ECG readings. But, firstly, such opportunities on the market Android are available only to one smart watch, and, secondly, they still do not work in Russia.

So why, in this case, overpay? After all, the same Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with NFC can be bought for 2-2.5 thousand rubles, and it will perform exactly the same tasks as the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Yes, in the case of a fitness bracelet, you you lose the big screen, which is convenient to consume information. But let's be honest, what kind of information do you consume on the watch? After all, if I'm not confusing anything, today smartphones with a 5.5-inch screen are considered too small to be comfortable to work with. What to say about the 1.5-inch display with rounded edges, which cut off about a third of all information?

Fitness bracelets are better than smartwatches

Why I'd rather buy a fitness bracelet instead of a smartwatch

Some fitness bracelets are even more functional than smartwatches.

But the manufacturers of modern fitness bracelets have cut the trick and are gradually turning them into full-fledged medical gadgets. Just imagine that today on the market there are already a bunch of solutions for 1.5-3 thousand rubles that measure the level of oxygen in the blood, monitor the quality of sleep and determine the signs of some chronic heart diseases. Yes, many smart watches for 20-30 thousand rubles still do not know how. Therefore, if you want to buy the most practical gadget that would not hang on your wrist as a dead weight and would not pull your pocket, take a fitness bracelet. You will not regret.

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