A copy of AirPods Pro for 900 rubles with active noise reduction? Why not

I'm not a big fan of wishful thinking. Therefore, I did not even keep in mind the purchase of copies, or, as at one time it was customary to express in certain circles, replicas of original goods. After all, buying fake Balenciaga sneakers, first of all, you deceive yourself, and secondly – those around you. But it's one thing when you want to stand out with an expensive item with an eminent logo, and completely different when you just like the performance. In such cases, as for me, an exception to the rule can be made.

A copy of AirPods Pro for 900 rubles with active noise reduction?  Why not

Are AirPods Pro too expensive? And how do you like the option for 900 rubles?

For some time now, an almost complete copy of AirPods Pro from Lenovo has been sold on AliExpress. I noticed her for a long time and was even going to talk about her, but I was still waiting for the right moment. I didn't know which one, but I just didn't want to write about headphones from a not very eminent manufacturer. And then the reason turned up by itself: the price of the accessory fell by almost a third of the initial indicators. To get a discount, add the headphones to your cart and enter the promo code ALIPLUS200.

A copy of AirPods Pro for Android

A copy of AirPods Pro for 900 rubles with active noise reduction?  Why not

Lenovo LP1 – almost a complete copy of AirPods Pro

We are talking about headphones Lenovo LP1. These are wireless headphones that look very much like AirPods Pro. In general, if you do not pay attention to the color of the case – it is silvery here, – from afar you can take the Chinese product for the original, so accurately everything is licked. The only differences are the logo Lenovo on the front side of the charging case, in fact, the colors, and the structure of the headphones slightly modified relative to the prototype. If in real AirPods Pro the bow smoothly goes into the speaker, then in LP1 it rises slightly above it.

Obviously, headphones like the Lenovo LP1 are taken by those who want to get AirPods Pro, but regret buying the original at the original price. I don't blame them – I've licked my lips on top 'ears' from Apple since their release, but I still haven't bothered to buy. And these, given their price, which is 918 rubles at a discount, I would buy with half a kilo. In the end, they look no worse than AirPods Pro, they do not drive crazy with tangled wires, they have an in-channel design, which means they can provide a more or less sane volume and some kind of noise isolation.

TWS earbuds for Android

A copy of AirPods Pro for 900 rubles with active noise reduction?  Why not

You can buy Lenovo LP1 for 918 rubles only with a promo code

The characteristics of Lenovo LP1 are also quite at their level, especially when you consider their price:

  • Frequency range: 20-20000 Hz
  • Interface: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Autonomy: 12 hours

Honestly, I haven't listened to Lenovo LP1. Therefore, I cannot say how they sound. But, if you do not expect any outstanding results from the headphones, most likely everything will suit you. In any case, the characteristics indicate exactly that. But their autonomy, frankly, is not a record – the same AirPods Pro offer up to a day of music playback. But it's not very clear what does Lenovo mean by 12 hours of playback. Perhaps the headphones themselves work for 12 hours, and the charging case gives the same amount. Then the claim can be withdrawn.

But what you should pay special attention to is the support of active noise cancellation and protection from moisture getting into the case. I don’t know how LP1 suppresses noise, after all, this technology is too expensive to implement. But, nevertheless, even if there were no active noise reduction here, silicone ear pads, acting as seals, would perfectly cope with this role. In this sense, the headphones are even more like AirPods Pro than you might think at first glance, and can be worn in noisy public places or in the gym.

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