Why I'd rather buy Huawei Band 4 than Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Despite the fact that there are quite decent models among smart watches not from Apple, users Android, as a rule, prefer fitness bracelets. The affordable price, coupled with the functions of receiving notifications, measuring heart rate and counting steps, made them the main wearable devices among owners of smartphones based on the OS from Google. True, it would be more correct to say not wearable, but wearable, because for most there is only one fitness bracelet, and this is Xiaomi Mi Band. I want to tell you about an equally worthy competitor to this model from the company Huawei.

Why I'd rather buy Huawei Band 4 than Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Choosing a fitness bracelet? Get Huawei Band 4

Xiaomi Mi The Band is loved for being the first fitness bracelet with such an affordable price tag. In China, it could be bought for less than a thousand rubles, while, frankly, it had about the same set of functions as Fitbit solutions, which cost 5-6 times more. All subsequent generations Xiaomi Mi Band were better than the previous ones in every way, with still adequate pricing. The Chinese realized that they don't even have to strain too hard to improve new models of bracelets, but just keep the price at the same level.

Which fitness bracelet to buy

Why I'd rather buy Huawei Band 4 than Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band are not the best fitness bracelets. At least compared to Huawei

This policy turned out to be quite successful, given that there was no one to compete Xiaomi for a long time. The same Huawei, although it tried to produce conceptually similar solutions, was unable to gain any significant market share. Apparently, the belief that arose among users that if they buy a fitness bracelet, then only from Xiaomi affected. However, if now I had a choice, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 or Huawei Band 4, I would most likely prefer the latter. This bracelet, inconspicuous at first glance, turned out to be too good.

I already said that the purchase of Xiaomi Mi Band 2, which I made about a year and a half ago, was not the best for me. Despite the low price of the bracelet, it soon became clear that it was not suitable either for counting steps or for measuring heart rate, because in one and the other it was mercilessly lying. Perhaps it's just my copy, but after scouring the Internet, I realized that I'm not the only one, and the measurement accuracy Xiaomi Mi of Band 2 leaves much to be desired. It is normal for him to lie by 15 or even 20%, turning the indicator up, which was unacceptable for me, and I took off the bracelet, deciding that I would not buy more Xiaomi.

Why Huawei Band 4 is better than Mi Band 4

Why I'd rather buy Huawei Band 4 than Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Huawei Band 4 can measure oxygen in the blood, and that's cool

My choice fell on Huawei Band 4 for several reasons. Perhaps they will not seem entirely objective to you, but I don’t give any advice, but I’m just looking for something for myself. Therefore, if your requirements are similar to mine, my conclusions will probably be useful to you too:

  • Huawei Band 4 is not a Mi Band. Since Xiaomi disappointed me, I won't give her a second chance, especially at my own expense.
  • Huawei Band 4 is no more expensive than Mi Band 4 – only about 2,000 rubles, which means that buying it will not leave me at a loss;
  • Huawei The Band 4 has good water resistance and allows it to be used for swimming, which I have long wanted to do;
  • Huawei Band 4 can measure the oxygen content in the blood, determining the saturation level, which is especially important in this situation.

The defining role for me, of course, was played by the activation of the SpO2 sensor, which is responsible for measuring oxygen in the blood. Huawei unexpectedly released an update for its fitness bracelet, after the installation of which it learned how to determine such an important indicator. In my opinion, this is very important, since the coronavirus has not gone anywhere and can be asymptomatic. Therefore, it seems to me that it is better to have a remedy on hand that will react to the drop in oxygen levels in the blood and indicate possible lung problems before it is too late.

It is said that the next generation Xiaomi Mi Band, which will receive the serial number '5', will also feature blood oxygen measurement. Perhaps this is true, but, firstly, we do not know when it will appear in Russia, and, secondly, it will most likely cost more Huawei Band 4. If Mi Band 4 with NFC was estimated at 4,000 rubles, a novelty that will also have a contactless payment function, obviously, can pull all 5,000 rubles. I don’t know about you, but for me the choice is obvious, and it is clearly not in favor Xiaomi.

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