Movavi Converter: Instant Transformation

Movavi is considered by many users to be the best mobile video converter on the market today. The program does not need additional codecs and supports two hundred formats. The quality of reproduction and ease of editing are combined with the speed of changing formats and successfully realized cutting of fragments. If you need to convert video to MP3 to listen to music on Android, there is no better solution than Movavi Video Converter 18.

Features of the functional

An intuitive interface, support for any device, multichannel sound, integration with YouTube, Facebook and VK, converting DVD and several files at the same time – the advantages of the program over competitors. In addition, thanks to the SuperSpeed ​​mode due to hardware acceleration, the conversion speed has increased 79 times.

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How to convert with Movavi

The indisputable advantages of the program are the convenience and simplicity of work at super speed. But while there is no version for Android, you have to use third-party platforms for adaptation.

To convert a video you need:

1. Download the installation file from the official website and run it on your computer. Installing the app

2. Click on 'Add File' and then 'Add Video'. The task is solved by dragging and dropping into the program window from the selected folder. to add a file

3. Go to the 'Audio' section and select the MP3 format with the desired bitrate. Section 'Audio'

4. Open the 'Devices' tab, go to the section Android and specify a profile with a suitable resolution in the drop-down list. You can use the device's auto-detection function, for which the gadget should be connected to the computer and click on the icon with the image of a mobile phone. It's simple, and the finished file will be 100% playable on Android. Android

5. Specify the save location – click on the icon with the folder icon. If you do not select a final destination, the new track will be sent to Movavi Library.

6. Press the 'Start' button to convert video. Conversion

After conversion, Movavi will open a folder with ready-made files, where you can listen to them, and, if necessary, transfer them to the smartphone's memory or upload them to the network.

Using Movavi Video Converter, you can convert video to high bitrate audio without loss of quality. Customized profiles are created for all popular models of phones and gadgets running OS Android (the list of supported devices is on the developer's website).

Advanced profiles for an infinite number of formats retain original quality, resolution, bit rate, frame rate and more. And thanks to load balancing between processor cores, batch conversion of 2-4 files with H.264 codec takes a couple of seconds.

Working with Movavi is fun and easy. You just need to get used to high quality standards.

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