How do I delete my Telegram account?

telegramIn this article I will tell you how you can delete your Telegram account permanently along with all chats and contacts and without the possibility of recovery.

  1. In the browser on your phone, follow the link to deactivate your account. Delete Telegram
  2. In the input field, write your phone number in the international format (for the Russian Federation, the number starts with +7). Your number
  3. A verification SMS will be sent to the specified number – fill it in the field below. This is needed to confirm the number. Confirm number
  4. Choose “Delete account”. Delete account
  5. Next, we are asked why you want to delete your account – you can specify the reason in the input field or just click on the “Delete my account” button. Delete my account
  6. After deleting your account, you need to remove the Telegram application from your phone. Go to Settings -> All Apps. Select Telegram and click “Delete”. Delete Telegram

After deleting your account from the Telegram website, you may not be able to register a new account from the same phone number for several more days. This is a solution from a developer to combat spam. And remember that after deleting the account, all groups, contacts and correspondence will be deleted.

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