How do I change my Google play account?

Google PlayThe user of a device based on Android may need to change or log out of Google service accounts. Most often, this is necessary when buying a smartphone that is already registered to another owner (used) or when you give your phone to someone.

At the time of activation, smartphones and tablets require you to specify the parameters of your Google account. This data is used when making purchases, installing applications from the Play Market store.

How do I change my Play Store account?

To change your account in the Play Market, you just need to follow a few simple steps. Let's consider several ways.

  • First way.

You need to go to the settings of accounts or accounts (settings – accounts / accounts), select the desired item (Google account) and select the 'delete' item through the menu button.

Delete Google Account

After that, the device will ask you to add a new account.

Add Google Account

Here you can create a new account or enter the details of an existing one.

  • Second way.

If in the first case it is necessary to act through the device, then the second method allows the use of a computer. Even if the owner no longer owns the smartphone, this option allows you to restrict access to services using an active account. To carry out the procedure, just log into your account on the website and change your password. The next time you sync, your phone will ask you to enter a password or specify a different account. The current owner of the device will have to make changes to the account data.

  • Third way.

There is also a more categorical option – Factory Reset (reset settings). Here you need to go to the smartphone settings, go to the section about the device – reset the settings. In some devices, the button is located in the “restore and reset” item. The user should remember that such a procedure destroys all user data, including contacts, applications, photos and videos in the device's memory.

  • The fourth way.

Another option involves the use of a special application – a file manager that can open the internal folders Android of the device. For example, Root Explorer .

Root Explorer

The application allows you to perform operations with files that are not available in the standard manager. Some versions of the program will require superuser rights. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. After installation, you need to open the application, agree with all requests to use the files.
  2. Go to the 'system' folder (Android – data – sistem). The account data is located in the accounts.db file.

The structure of folders and files on Android

After deleting the file, all account data will be erased from the device memory.

Root Explorer Root Explorer Download QR-Code Root Explorer Developer: softteq Price: Free

The store has tons of apps of this type. You need to make sure that the selected program allows you to perform operations with files in internal memory, including hidden folders.

To log out of the Play Store account, the steps are the same, since these operations are interconnected.

To change the password for Google accounts, just change it in Google mail – Gmail.

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How to remove device from google account?

To remove a gadget from the list of devices linked to your account, you must use a browser. The device is unlinked on the phone search page

Google phone search

The user should select the device to be removed from the list:

Remove device from Google list

Click the 'Sign out of account' button, and after that Google will remove the device from the list of available ones.

The search site allows you to call the device if the user cannot find it or determine the location at the moment, if the corresponding function is enabled on the device.

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A plastic card is used to pay for goods and services in the Play Market. There may be several options. If one of them is not relevant at the moment or to prevent accidental payments, you can delete one or another card.

To do this, you need to go to the Play Market on the device, go to the 'payment methods' – 'payment settings' section and click the 'delete' button, which is located under the logo of the card of interest. For identification, the last four digits of the card are indicated at the top.

Unlink a card from the Play Market

You can also do this at After the procedure, the payment method will disappear from the list of available ones. Here you can add a map if necessary.

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How to recover Google account, reset password?

When using a Google account, a situation may arise when you need to recover your password. This may be accompanied by various circumstances: the user has not used mail for a long time and eventually forgot the code, the password was written on a sheet that was lost, or the account was created by another person. Recovery can be done at in several ways.

  • Method one. After specifying the last password that the user remembers. Follow the further instructions to complete the necessary actions. Recover Google Account

Choose one of the suggested alternatives.

  • Method two. With a connected device. The phone will receive a notification about the request to change the password. You must confirm your consent. Account recovery
  • Method three. By sending a message to the backup mail (if the user specified the account name in another mail system, then an email with a link to reset the password will be sent to the mailbox) or by calling the linked number. Choose a convenient way. Google account recovery via phone Recover Google account via backup mail
  • Method four. By specifying specific data as required by the system.
  • The fifth method. Via an existing Google mailbox. This method will work if binding to a mailbox is activated on the device and no data is required to enter.
    Recovering your Google account

If we are talking about account recovery, then you will need to enter the Google email address or the owner's parameters (name, age, city, etc.). Further steps are similar.

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How to change country and region?

If the user changed their country of residence, then this should be done in the Google account linked to the device. This can be done through the Play Store.

You need to go to the menu and select the 'account' item.

Change country in Play Market

The selected country is displayed next to the username.

Usually, the location is determined automatically, and when it changes, the owner has a choice. The country of residence can be changed no more than once a year. The changes are needed to access content and services provided by Google, depending on the region.

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How do I change the mail in my Google account?

You can change the address of the linked mail in the same way as changing the account – by deleting the old address and entering a new one.

Through the Gmail app. You need to go to the settings. The app will display the connected accounts and offer to add an email account.

Change Google mail

When you click on an active account, a menu appears that allows you to delete the current account.

Delete Google Account

If there is a need to add a new e-mail address, then among the proposed there are many domains or you can enter your own if it is not in the list.

Email setup

Information from several boxes will be collected in one application. This is a handy feature for users who actively use email, have a separate work account, etc.

Changing any contact information allows you to unlink the device from a particular account, giving the new owner complete freedom to use the device. If the change is not made, then the old owner of the smartphone will see actions such as adding contacts, requests in the Google Chrome browser, etc.

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