Gyroscope in the phone

Gyroscope in a tablet Modern smartphones have long ceased to be an ordinary means of communication, capable only of making calls and reading messages. Each user knows that his device is capable of opening full-fledged Internet pages, downloading data, taking photos, filming and many other useful and necessary operations.

For most of them, it is most beneficial to use in landscape mode. For example, if the phone is positioned horizontally, then the camera's capture area becomes much wider, it is more convenient to view video files. How is the ability to change the screen size by simply rotating the device achieved? The answer is obvious – a gyroscope.

Gyroscope: device and principle of operation

A gyroscope is a device that allows you to determine the position of the body on which it is installed in space. Since its inception, it has been used in the military industry, aviation, automotive production and navigation. The first models were focused on the earth's magnetic field and became an excellent analogue of the compass.

The gyroscope could work in almost any position, despite poor visibility, shaking and other negative conditions. Gradually, the size of the device changed, and its functionality expanded significantly. For example, in cars it has become possible to distribute the load depending on the inclination of the frame, to choose the optimal place for parking. Over time, manufacturers of smart gadgets and phones have adopted it.

The miniature device installed in the smartphone significantly expanded the capabilities of the device and made it easier to use. Previously, in order to view a photo in full screen mode, you had to check the corresponding box in the settings or press a button, now it is enough to turn the device, and the smartphone itself adapts the image, if this option is enabled in it.

Gyroscope in the phone

The gyroscope can be turned on (the “Auto-rotate” function in the phone) from the settings menu or from the slide-out quick access shutter at the top of the phone screen. The name may differ depending on the model. The icon usually symbolizes a change in position and is understandable to the user even with minimal knowledge of the device's capabilities. If desired, the function can just as easily be deactivated.

Auto rotate function in phone

The simplest version of the gyroscope, which makes it possible to transmit the physical position of the body in electronic form according to the required coordinates, looks like two moving units that are constantly in contact with active sensors that fix their position. When the device rotates, the entire gyroscope moves, sending a signal about the changed location.

Gyroscope device

Modern devices take into account the speed of the moving part, the force of pressure. That is why, in gyro control games, you can make a sudden movement to the side by turning the device in the desired direction.

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How to find out if your device has a gyroscope

If you need to find out if your smartphone is equipped with a sensor for determining the position in space, you can go to the settings and find the item 'automatic screen rotation' there. If there is such an item, then your device has at least a two-axis gyroscope. This is the option that understands the tilt of the screen to the left and right. If this knowledge is not enough for you, then you can download an application that will determine the type of installed sensor.

Gyroscope Test is a program that gives facts about your device, tells you about the possibility of using it for games that require a three-axis sensor.

When the program starts, a window appears indicating the detected physical sensors:

  • Gyroscope.
  • Magnetic.
  • Accelerometer.

Each of them has a specific function and allows the device to receive more information about location, position and interaction.

The next step is to request to run the required simulation. After that, the user is shown a pictorial picture with reference to the current position of the device. By moving the smartphone in one direction or another, you can enjoy the presented panorama.

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Where is the gyroscope installed?

If you need to buy a device with a gyroscope, feel free to point your finger at any item you like in an electronics store. Even the manufacturers of the cheapest smartphones install a screen orientation sensor to automatically rotate the display. If you want to have a device that can surprise you with its capabilities and will allow you to play games of augmented or virtual reality, then pay attention to the segment of the middle and high level. Undoubtedly, the leaders in the mobile electronics market install the most sensitive gyroscopes in their devices, which allow you to receive an immediate screen response to any user movement.

Naturally, graphics play a primary role in achieving the desired effect. If you want to avoid braking and freezing of a fancy toy, then pay attention to the processor frequency, the number of cores and the amount of RAM of the smartphone. Low scores prevent modern games from running.

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