Google teaches Android to identify the causes of insomnia

Despite the fact that there is a wide category of users who consider Android the most functional mobile OS, if you look at it, it becomes clear that without auxiliary software and services, this is just a vessel that needs filling. Google understands this like no one else and even made this feature of its platform its chip. Firstly, it is more convenient to update compatible devices this way, and, secondly, this way you can earn money by selling access to your services to manufacturers for money. Well, why not, if the services are really cool?

Google teaches Android to identify the causes of insomnia

Are you suffering from insomnia? The smartphone will tell you what could be the matter

Google is developing a new mechanism for the Digital Wellbeing service, which is analogous to Screen Time in iOS and serves to control the time of smartphone use. This is indicated by the content of the beta version of the application. It will be used to track user behavior at night in order to determine the causes of insomnia. To do this, the smartphone will take into account several different factors at once, analyzing not only the applications used, but also data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and light sensor.

How Android Can Help Fight Insomnia

Google teaches Android to identify the causes of insomnia

Digital Wellbeing will have a special mechanism that will track the causes of your insomnia

All this information is needed in order to determine how the user interacts with the smartphone, how long he uses it before going to bed, and how long he is awake. This will be facilitated by data from the accelerometer, which is likely to determine the horizontal position of the user. And information about frequently used applications before going to bed will help you navigate which of them would be better to remove, or at least set a restriction on their work, in order to better control yourself.

In addition, Digital Wellbeing will feature night notes. Thanks to it, the user will be able to write down thoughts and reminders to himself in the morning that come to his mind before going to bed. This, at least, describes the functionality of the function in the beta version of the application. However, it is not very clear why a regular notes application cannot be used for this purpose. Perhaps the whole point is that I simply misinterpreted the features of the innovation, and night notes are actually needed for the user to describe his condition, and Digital Wellbeing helped him build a schedule to get enough sleep. It would be much more logical.

While the innovation is in beta testing and is not even available for use. All of the information that we have shared with you has been gleaned from the Digital Wellbeing software code. It turns out that Google has already completed the development of the necessary mechanisms and is gradually preparing the application for the beginning of preliminary testing, adapting its program code for new functions so that it does not reject them. But when the release will take place with all the innovations, so far we can only guess.

How to deal with smartphone addiction

Google teaches Android to identify the causes of insomnia

Fighting insomnia in smartphone-addicted users lies with the manufacturers. Well, or at least Google

Is the function of determining the causes of insomnia necessary in practice? Personally, I think I really need it. The fact is that there are people who can spend long hours in bed without sleep, staring at the screen of their smartphone. YouTube, social networks, instant messengers, news services – all this fascinates and does not allow you to fall asleep normally. As a result, very, very many fall asleep simply because nature and biological clock take their toll. But if these people knew or at least had an idea of ​​what exactly prevents them from falling asleep, perhaps they would have greatly adjusted their lifestyle.

I say this not by hearsay, because I myself have tried the method of self-restraint on myself. Despite the fact that many see this as a slight hint of schizophrenia, because, in their opinion, this is the same as hiding candy from themselves, I strongly disagree. After all, I hide candy not so as not to find them – after all, I know perfectly well where they are – but in order to develop willpower. With applications, things are about the same. After I deleted all social networks, YouTube, TikTok from my smartphone and unsubscribed from most Telegram channels, I, not having them in quick access, stopped behaving like a zombie who cannot control himself and at any opportunity grabs onto smartphone and stares there just because there is nothing to do.

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