Google explains why you can't install its services on new smartphones Huawei

In May last year, the US declared Huawei a threat to national security and prohibited it from cooperating with American companies. As a result, the Chinese were deprived of the opportunity not only to supply government agencies with telecommunications equipment, but also to use Google services, without which its smartphones risked turning into a pumpkin. However, it soon became clear that the restriction applies only to new smartphones that came out after the imposition of sanctions, but it was also possible to roll the search giant's services through certain manipulations on them. In any case, up to a certain point.

Google explains why you can't install its services on new smartphones Huawei

Google opposes users Huawei installing its services

Since it was impossible to officially install Google services on new smartphones Huawei, users began to resort to sideloading, or sideloading. This is the process of installing updates or applications in the form of APK files, when the download is not from the original source, but from a third party. Usually, this procedure is used in order to gain access to software that, for one reason or another, is not available to the user. In the same way, the owners of new smartphones Huawei installed Google services until it issued a warning to them.

Can I install Google services on Huawei

Google explains why you can't install its services on new smartphones Huawei

Installing Google services on smartphones Huawei is possible, but dangerous

Installing Google Play services from third-party sources on devices Huawei that have not passed certification poses a threat to the safety of users, Google said. The fact is that APK files hosted on third-party resources can contain malicious components, represent completely different applications or services, and simply work poorly. After all, the certification procedure followed by manufacturers helps to ensure that all Google services will function correctly and stably on a certified device, while this does not happen in the case of side loading.

Google apps installed via sideloading will not work properly on smartphones Huawei because we restrict them to work on uncertified devices because we are not sure about their security. Downloading Google applications and services from third-party sources creates the risk of accidentally installing modified or fake software that could pose a threat to the safety of users and their data stored in the device's memory, Google explained.

How to use Google services on Huawei

Google is well aware that smartphone users Huawei are very interested in freely using Google services such as YouTube or Google Pay, the search giant said. For this reason, the practice of sideloading has become widespread. Users read all sorts of instructions, many of which were initially aimed at deceiving them, and often contain links to malicious software instead of links to reliable versions of applications. As a result, those who download it run the risk of losing control of the device, or losing money from bank accounts, or getting a zombie that will perform the actions that the intruders demand of it.

What, then, should smartphone users Huawei do? Well, Google does not offer any way out of this situation, but it is fundamentally wrong to assume that there are none. Fortunately, most websites today support the PWA (progressive web apps) standard. Thanks to it, you can turn many online resources into a kind of web application, and then bring them to your desktop. To do this, all you need is to open the desired site, go to the browser context menu and click 'Add to Desktop'. After that, a shortcut will appear on the screen, clicking on which will take you to the desired site, be it YouTube, Gmail or Google Maps.

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