OnePlus CEO explains why everyone should buy OnePlus 8T

Which smartphone is better to buy in 2020? This is the question that millions of users Android wake up with every morning. After all, if the fans iPhone have not so much choice, then the range of devices based on the OS from Google is much wider. Another thing is that if you want something that is inexpensive, optimal in terms of available features and support, you will not have very many options. For me personally, they all come down to only branded Samsung smartphones, which are now updated not for two years, but for three. But OnePlus knows what users need as well as the Korean company.

OnePlus 8T

OnePlus 8T promises to be better than its predecessors in all respects

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau promised that the new OnePlus 8T, which will be released on October 14, will delight users with support and smooth operation for at least three years. He wrote about this on the social network Weibo. According to him, not every smartphone that enters the market and has top-end characteristics can be called a flagship. After all, what is the use of the most powerful hardware if the manufacturer stops supporting it and developing its potential within a year after its release, asks Lau? Of course not.

What should be a flagship

Pete Lau

Pete Lau announced that he has redefined flagships

The flagship is not just a mobile phone, which you call it as you wish. How long you can use it is very important. It seems to me that most people believe that flagship smartphones are something like classic cars that were cool once in the past, and now have become just objects of admiration. But I have my own definition of flagships. I believe that a real flagship should work quickly and smoothly for at least three years, without causing inconvenience to users. Our new flagship will be exactly like that, ”Lau said.

A somewhat vague statement. Despite the fact that the top manager promised OnePlus 8T buyers at least three years of smooth and hassle-free operation, he did not specify that the company plans to extend the period of its software support. On the contrary, personally, I got the impression that Pete Lau's goal was to speak so vaguely so as not to affect the renewal extension in any way, simply because nothing of the kind is expected. But how, then, can OnePlus get what it wants?

OnePlus Support Timeline


Support for OnePlus smartphones has already been one of the longest

It's actually simple. OnePlus – by the way, one of the few – has been updating its smartphones for some time now, not two years, but three. But if Samsung promises the owners of branded devices three new versions Android, then OnePlus supplies them with only two, and leaves only security updates for the third. At the exit, we have technical support for three years, but in fact it lasts only for two years, because users consider only new versions Android to be supported, and security patches for them are only an optional phenomenon, useless.

On the other hand, there is a good chance that the OnePlus 8T will be able to claim three new versions Android, rather than two like its predecessors. The fact is that the current OnePlus smartphones already have three years of conditional support, and therefore it is at least strange to brag about them as the main advantage of the new product. Moreover, OnePlus has always strived to be ahead of its competitors, some of which have already extended the update period for their smartphones. Therefore, it is still possible to hope that the Chinese will follow in the footsteps of the Koreans.

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