Google has released an update that improves the download speed of Chrome

Chrome can rightfully be considered one of Google's top priority projects. From the very beginning, the company set a very high standard, unattainable for competitors, and this has paid off. Today, hundreds of millions of people around the world use the proprietary browser of the search giant, and no one has yet managed to break this record. Affected by the unquenchable interest of Google itself in the development of Chrome, which on an ongoing basis receives major updates that extend its functionality and increase performance.

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Chrome Google Chrome received a major update that – here's a surprise – will make it better

Google released another Chrome update tonight, number 85. As befits a planned update, it contains a number of significant innovations aimed at improving the browser experience. However, everything in order.

How to overclock Chrome

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Google was able to speed up the loading of web pages in Chrome

The key change for Chrome was performance improvements. Now, according to Google, the browser loads web pages 10% faster on Mac and Windows. It was overclocked thanks to the profile compiler optimization technique. Simply put, the developers of the search giant have done some magic with the program code, removed unnecessary fragments from there that slowed down the data processing process, and achieved a rather tangible increase in speed. True, for some reason it didn't work out the same with the mobile version of Chrome.

In addition, the use of the throttling mechanism has been expanded. It is responsible for pessimizing background web pages by forcing the hardware of the device running Chrome to give priority to the active tab. Thus, it is possible to reduce the consumption of resources by inactive tabs and slightly extend the battery life when it comes to a mobile device, for example, a laptop. Since this feature is still in the testing stage, it can only be enabled through the experimental menu.

Of the less significant, we note:

  • Tab preview function;
  • Mechanism for grouping tabs;
  • Optimized for touch screens;
  • Built-in PDF reader with the ability to edit documents;
  • The ability to turn a link into a QR code;
  • Automatic decoding of media content for AVIF format.

What is AVIF

PDF reader

Chrome has a built-in PDF reader and editor

AVIF is a free, low-loss image compression format similar to HEIF in properties. Perhaps this does not mean anything to you, but Apple uses the HEIF format in its devices due to the high compression efficiency and minimal quality loss. By the way, it was thanks to HEIF that users iPhone, who save all photos in this format, managed to trick Google by starting to upload pictures to 'Google Photos' in their original quality.

However, Google's goal is not to save space, but to save energy. Due to the fact that Chrome will spend less resources on processing images that come across it when surfing the web, it will be able to save battery power, which is very important for portable devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. True, Google did not declare exact figures of savings – apparently, they turned out to be not so significant.

Despite the fact that Google has already begun distributing the update, it is not yet available to everyone. This is due to the fact that the company opens access to the new version of Chrome at first only to select users, checking its stability and the absence of serious bugs and vulnerabilities. If everything is in order, by the end of the week the updated browser will be released to the public, and it will be possible to download it to all compatible devices. However, if you are impatient to do it now, you can download the updated build as an APK file for Android from here.

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