Google has promised a major update for Google Assistant

If you ask me which Google product I love best, I would not hesitate to call it Google Assistant. This is probably the only thing I use as often as Instagram or Chrome. Thanks to the assistant, I forgot how many actions are performed that previously required many complex manipulations. For example, I never cease to be amazed at how conveniently Google Assistant processes the return of an application from Google Play, which I did not like, and asks the developer for the amount of money paid. But soon the assistant will learn new tricks.

Google has promised a major update for Google Assistant

Google Assistant is expecting a major update this year. Google promised

At CES'2020, which is taking place these days in Las Vegas, Google has introduced another update to Google Assistant. It will be released later this year and will contain a number of remarkable and extremely useful features that will take your interaction with it to a whole new level. It would seem, what else can you teach a voice assistant, who already knows how to do almost everything. But, as it turned out, he still has a lot to learn in order to fulfill the commands and requirements of users to the maximum, even if they themselves have no idea that they may need it.

Google Assistant update

Google has promised a major update for Google Assistant

Google Assistant will become even more useful, but when is the big question

With the release of the update, Google Assistant will firstly receive support from the Read command. Thanks to her, the assistant will be able to read any text aloud, giving the user the opportunity to consume information in audio format. This will be very convenient in situations where you cannot read on your own, for example, while driving or with visual impairments. And in order to improve the perception of the text being read, Google promised to improve the pronunciation of the assistant and increase its naturalness, eliminating the signs of roboticism.

Secondly, Google Assistant will receive a built-in timer that will allow you to execute certain commands with a delay. This innovation will come in handy when controlling a smart home through an assistant. Thanks to him, it will be possible to train an assistant every morning to open the curtains, turn on the coffee maker or activate the lighting in the yard in the evening. True, it will be impossible to force Google Assistant to remember these commands and repeat them automatically at the start, and the only scenario for their execution is to call it and ask to perform a certain action at a specific time.

Google Assistant for TV

Well, and thirdly, this year Google Assistant will begin to appear on devices that were not previously supported. According to the confirmed information, the assistant will appear on Samsung TVs, thanks to which it will be possible to control it using voice. True, most likely, such a possibility will depend on the availability of auxiliary devices such as a smartphone or smart speaker. Now you can also interact with Samsung TVs using your voice, but only through the voice assistant 'Alice' from Yandex.

It is unknown when all the innovations described above will become available to users. Google, in its usual manner, did not name specific dates, so as not to deceive users' trust, and therefore clarified that an update with new features will become available later this year. It turns out that the update can be released with equal probability both at the beginning of January and at the end of December, and the latter option seems to be the most adequate. After all, if you build in the deferred execution of commands in Google Assistant, in general, it's simple, then increasing the natural pronunciation is much more difficult.

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