How are flagship smartphones getting cheaper by Android in Russia

One of the topics that I pay my attention to is the fall in prices for modern Android – smartphones. I like to watch how a couple of months ago a device that cost some incredible money is gradually turning into a completely affordable solution, losing from 30 to 50% of the original price. Of course, such sharp drops in prices do not happen often, but practice shows that smartphones under control Android, firstly, are getting cheaper, and, secondly, they are mercilessly getting cheaper. Here are some examples of such a cost reduction.

How are flagship smartphones getting cheaper by Android in Russia

Smartphones with Android are falling in price very rapidly, and there is no point in buying them at the start of sales

How much is the Galaxy S20

Let's start with the Galaxy S20. In my opinion, this is the most illustrative example of how much cheaper Android smartphones can get and how much more profitable it is sometimes to buy them from servo carriers. If you remember, the official sales of the Galaxy S20 in Russia began in mid-March. The youngest version of the smartphone was then estimated at 69,990 rubles – very humanely, given that in Apple she sold her iPhone 11 Pro for 89,990 rubles at the same price in the USA.

How are flagship smartphones getting cheaper by Android in Russia

The youngest Galaxy S20 – and the oldest, by the way, too – lost almost 30 thousand rubles in price. The same is true for all other modifications of the model.

However, just three months later, in May, Samsung reacted to the change in the exchange rate, as a result of which the ruble fell in value against the dollar and the euro, and adjusted its pricing policy. As a result, the Galaxy S20 went up in price by 10 thousand rubles at once and began to cost 79,990 rubles. But these are the official figures. Servo carriers sell the flagship Samsung smartphone almost 30 thousand cheaper – for only 52-55 thousand rubles. Nice difference, isn't it?

Xiaomi Mi 10 – price in Russia

A very similar situation is observed in the case of Xiaomi Mi 10. Unlike the Galaxy S20, it appeared in the Russian retail with a long delay in relation to the release. However, despite the more affordable price in Europe, in Russia it was estimated at 69,990 rubles. The joke of the Chinese, who decided to play Apple, was not appreciated, as a result of which the price of their device went down sharply. To date, the drop has amounted to almost 30%, dropping the price to still wild, but more acceptable compared to the initial mark of 50 thousand rubles.

How are flagship smartphones getting cheaper by Android in Russia

Xiaomi decided to play Apple and set a price of 70 thousand rubles for Mi 10. But the market put everything in its place

It is quite indicative that the price correction Xiaomi Mi 10 occurred in very short rocks. While the Samsung flagships were gradually getting cheaper within 3-4 months, the Chinese lost almost 20 thousand rubles from the initial price in just two weeks. This is too rapid a fall, which may not have ended yet and will continue further. In the end, the Chinese themselves do not like their products to go stale, and therefore in every possible way stimulate its sales, offering users discounts, gifts and all sorts of lucrative promotions like loans and trade-ins.

Price Huawei P40 Pro

The Huawei P40 Pro looks surprisingly cheerful against the background of all the others. Despite the fact that it appeared in Russia a month and a half earlier Xiaomi Mi 10, its price did not drop so much. During its presence in Russian retail, the new flagship Huawei fell from 70 to 58-60 thousand. That is, its losses were only about 15%. This is rather strange, given that the P40 Pro is the only flagship today without Google services, which means that they should buy it less and more reluctantly, which is why the manufacturer should try to somehow attract buyers by lowering the price. But, as we can see, for some reason this does not happen.

How are flagship smartphones getting cheaper by Android in Russia

Surprisingly Huawei P40 Pro turned out to be the most persistent and lost only 10 thousand rubles in price

The only explanation that comes to my mind is that Huawei does not intend to yield to the market and depreciate its product. After all, by cutting the price of the P40 Pro, the company is actually admitting that its flagship is in fact inferior. Therefore, Huawei, keeping a serious face, continues to sell the smartphone at the original price, and the discount we are seeing now is solely a consequence of the actions of servo carriers, which have the opportunity to return sales tax when buying a device in Europe under the Tax Free program.

As you can see, all Android smartphones are subject to a reduction in price to one degree or another. Therefore, even if you buy a flagship device, you have a great opportunity to save money, and you don't have to put in any effort to do this. It will be enough just to take a wait and see attitude and watch how prices change in the market. I assure you that within the first month you will begin to notice how the once expensive device begins to fall in price and turn into a much more affordable solution. In short, take your time.

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