Google has made backups to Android convenient and free

Backups are something that has always been the norm for users iOS and has never been welcomed on Android. It's not that Google's mobile OS users have never lost data or transferred from device to device, it's just that historically it so happened that making backups in reserve was not accepted. Affected by the lack of an adequate tool that would allow to do this. Therefore, if the user decided to change the smartphone, he was offered to transfer data using a special application, and if he suddenly lost data during the flashing, he is a fool himself. But this could not go on forever.

Google has made backups to Android convenient and free

Google One Backup Now Free

A year ago, Google introduced a new cloud service, Google One. It was designed to combine all cloud storage and services of the company, giving the user access to data from all of its services. There was also a built-in backup tool, which, however, could only be used by users of paid plans. This was understandable, given the convenient mechanism for saving copies. And for those who refused to pay, such an opportunity was not available. Fortunately, this rule has now changed.

How to back up to Android

Google has made backups to Android convenient and free

Google has updated the table of features available in Google One as part of the free plan

Google has decided to make creating and storing backups on Google One free, regardless of the content. The only condition is that they should be no more than 15 GB. The fact is that for this Google One does not use paid storage, but free space in Google Drive. That is, in essence, Google simply gave users free access to a convenient backup tool that they did not have if they refused to pay to maintain a paid plan.

Saving a backup to Google One is easy:

  • Download the Google One app from this link;
  • Log in with your Google account;

Google has made backups to Android convenient and free

Backing up with Google One is easier than ever

  • On the main page, click the backup settings button;
  • Confirm to save the copy now, or set up autosave.

After you change your smartphone or lose data during an update, flashing or other manipulation and you need to restore a backup, you can do it right in the application. To do this, download Google One again, go to the 'Storage' section and roll the backup that you saved earlier. In short, everything is nowhere easier.

What is backed up

Google has made backups to Android convenient and free

Sometimes having a backup is very useful

Backups in Google One are practically the same as those that iPhone automatically save in iCloud, with the only exception that Apple has only 5 GB free space, while Google has 15 GB. They include text messages, photos, videos, contacts and applications with all the related data. But the contents of the calendar and mail are not saved. This is most likely due to the fact that Google Calendar and Gmail work in the cloud and allow you to access them even if the device has lost all data.

The backup function may not be available to some users at this time. This is because the distribution of the update is gradual. Google is deliberately careful not to dump the update into the public domain right away so that it can withdraw it in case of any problems. But, if everything is in order with the update, it is obvious that by the end of this week it will reach all users and give them access to a convenient backup tool.

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