Google explains how to properly charge your phone at Android

Properly charging smartphones continues to be one of the hottest topics even in today's IT space. For some reason, most users do not give a damn about how to charge their devices, and they want to know the only correct algorithm of actions. Moreover, the more complicated it is, the more trust will be in it. After all, the answer in the spirit of 'plug your smartphone into an outlet and leave it until it is fully charged' cannot suit a person a priori, because it is too simple, which means, in his view, ineffective. I wonder what Google thinks about this.

Google explains how to properly charge your phone at Android

Charging is a very important process and you need to approach it responsibly

As it turned out, Google's position on the correct charging method was mixed. On the one hand, the company recommends adhering to simple and obvious rules for everyone, and on the other hand, it recommends making a 'feint with your ears' from time to time – simply because it is necessary. Moreover, according to Google, the combination of these techniques is not only harmless, but even useful.

Do I need to calibrate the battery

Google explains how to properly charge your phone at Android

You can and should charge your smartphone the way you like

To start, perhaps, is that 'correct' charging is the key to a long battery life. That is, if you follow simple rules, which, however, are not obvious to everyone, you can, if not give immortality to the battery, then at least not ditch it ahead of time. These are the rules:

  • It is best to use the accessories that came with your smartphone for charging. This is not only a power supply, but also a charging cable, which also plays a big role. Using third-party accessories may result in charging slower or faster than it should, not charging at all, or damaging your device or battery.
  • It is very important to avoid overheating your smartphone. Despite the fact that heat generation is a natural process that accompanies charging, it is still better to make sure that at this time the device does not fall on direct sunlight, and that it does not lie on a heating surface. Excessive heating, especially when the battery is fully charged, is detrimental to the battery and related components.
  • It is best not to keep your smartphone 100% charged for too long. That is, after the battery is fully charged, it should be disconnected from the current supply so as not to provoke micro-energy losses and not to force the power supply to constantly replenish them, because this leads to premature wear and provokes heating, not allowing the smartphone to cool down.
  • You can charge your smartphone at any time and at any level of discharge. That is, even if the battery is 50% charged, it will not be a problem to charge it further or disconnect it from the outlet until it reaches 100%. Thus, you can charge the device in general on a permanent basis, without fear that it will fail or become worse.

It would seem that everything is utterly obvious and simple. After all, this is what all manufacturers and repair shops are talking about. However, Google has something to surprise us. Despite the fact that the engineers of the search giant recommend removing the smartphone from charging when it reaches 100%, without leaving it in a charged state at the outlet, according to them, from time to time it is worth doing something like calibrating the battery. To do this, you need to discharge the smartphone below 10%, and then leave the device on charge overnight.

Can I charge my phone all night

Google explains how to properly charge your phone at Android

Google's charging advice is adequate, but I follow different guidelines.

How fully discharging and charging up to 100% will help the battery, Google does not elaborate. This advice looks especially strange against the background of the fact that the company only provides the operating system, and the manufacturers are still responsible for the hardware. But, on the other hand, it should be borne in mind that the software component today plays for smartphones, perhaps even a greater role than the hardware component, which can be tweaked as needed with the help of software.

I don’t want to question Google’s position, but I myself adhere to the point of view that you need to charge your smartphone in the way that is convenient for you in the first place. Do you need to charge the device from 10 to 30%? Charge and don't think about anything. Have you decided to plug in for the night? I do it myself. Do not tolerate emptiness and like to always charge your smartphone up to 100%? So do it. Nothing bad will happen to him. After all, almost every battery is rated for at least 500 charge cycles, which is almost 2 years of daily recharges. This means that by the time you run out of the available limit, the time will come to change your gadget to something newer.

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