How to recognize Android a slow page in Chrome

This event went quite unnoticed on the Internet, but on June 22 at WWDC, the company Apple called Safari not only more secure, but also 50% faster browser than Chrome. But if the majority of users ignored what happened, then Google, as expected, took it as a challenge. That is why, starting in July, the developers of the search giant were equipped to improve the proprietary browser. The result has been the creation of several breakthrough mechanisms that improve the performance of Chrome.

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Google will let you determine in advance how fast the page will load in Chrome

Despite the fact that Google has announced the launch of a new mechanism that will independently optimize sites, this optimization will be aimed solely at saving energy. That is, the browser will be able to lower the frame rate, change the layout and disable trackers if they consume too much power. But overclocking the site so that it starts working faster is beyond the power of even Chrome. Therefore, the developers of Google decided to start at least tagging fast and slow pages to let users know if it was their smartphone or the site itself that was buggy.

Why is the site loading slowly

The new marker is based on the Core Web Vitals metric. It measures the load time of a specific web page, the responsiveness of site elements, the stability of the content while loading, and determines the threshold values ​​for each of these metrics. Based on the data received, it is concluded whether the site is fast or not. But if earlier the relevant information was received only by Google, which used it to rank sites in search results, now users will be able to rate them as well.

Officially, the metric will reach Chrome only with the release of the next version number 85. However, if they want to, users can turn on the innovation in the menu with experimental functions right now by downloading a test build of the browser, which is already available on Google Play.

  • Download the beta version of Google chrome to your smartphone;
  • Launch your browser and go to chrome: // flags;

Flags menu

The new parameter can be enabled only in the flags menu.

  • Find the Context menu performance info and remote hints fetching parameter;
  • In the drop-down window opposite, select Enabled and restart the browser.

Slow loading in Chrome

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If the page loads slowly, it's not always your internet connection

From now on, you will be able to see the rating that the browser gives to the links, even before opening them. It will appear in the dialog box along with the copy and paste actions. To call it, you need to put your finger on the link and hold it until the corresponding window appears. There, under the link itself, you will see the characteristics of the page that you intend to open. If the page is loading fast, Chrome will call it fast, and if it is slow, it will be called slow.

Based on this data, you can decide whether to open the link or not, or simply prepare in advance for what to expect from it. After all, practice shows that many users, opening slow sites that do not load, begin to blame their smartphone or Internet connection, although in fact the reason stems from improper optimization. From now on, you can save yourself a lot of time and nerves by pre-determining the download speed of the site you are switching to.

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