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The popularity of smartphones is a very fickle and volatile thing. True, this can only be understood after the fact, so to speak, in hindsight, and in the process of the ongoing changes it turns out to be very difficult to detect them. But if you look at the charts, you can find a lot of interesting things. For example, how the once unconditional leader begins to gradually give up its positions, giving way to competitors who initially caused only condescension among users. But impersonal statistics is one thing, and the preferences of real people, who are no different from you, are completely different.

Smartphone Brands

The most popular smartphones are Chinese

To understand which smartphones are most popular with our readers, I analyzed Yandex.Metrica data. This is such a tool for tracking the development of the site, where reads are shown, the time of the presence of each user on the portal and, of course, the devices from which they open it. Therefore, there is no doubt about the relevance of the given data.

The most popular smartphone manufacturers

The most popular smartphones among readers Android are devices Xiaomi. They have a share of 21.8%. We will not give a model breakdown, because different brand devices are used more or less evenly. The only thing is that it is inexpensive models that prevail, and flagships are much less common, although they are also present in the sample.


If you look at these statistics, you will see that Xiaomi and Huawei are leading by a wide margin.

The second place is taken by Huawei with a slight lag. Despite the fact that this brand lost a little Xiaomi, for me it still remains a favorite, because in a year – since the imposition of sanctions – it has managed to seriously increase its presence in the Russian market. As a result, the share of smartphones Huawei among our readers has almost doubled – from 12 to 21.5%. Apparently, the blockade by the United States and Google did not inflict the damage on the Chinese, which was calculated.

The honorable third place is occupied by Samsung. However, I will not praise the Koreans. It would seem that the Galaxy A line is wildly popular, the query 'why is it worth buying the Galaxy A51 ' in Google breaks all records, but the demand for Samsung smartphones in general for some reason is going down. If a year ago the share of owners of Korean smartphones among our readers was close to 32%, today it barely crosses the 16% mark. Almost doubled downgrade.

What's wrong with Samsung smartphones

Galaxy A51

Samsung still pours all the money into promoting flagships

What this is connected with is not difficult to understand. Although Samsung has stepped forward to a new strategy of developing low-cost smartphones, it is clear that most of the funding is still going to the promotion of flagships. But why this happens is unknown. Either the Koreans are trying to recapture what they spent on them, being unable to give up what used to bring them most of the money, or they simply believe that budget devices will be bought anyway, and the top ones need help. Be that as it may, the result is clearly unsatisfactory.

Xiaomi and Huawei, despite the fact that they allow themselves to produce rather expensive devices, in one way or another they are focused on inexpensive smartphones. If you go over the thematic publications, you will see that they are reviewed by absolutely everyone, and in the case of Samsung, this is not the case. One gets the impression that all the publications immediately took offense at the Koreans, deciding that they would boycott their products. Perhaps the situation can still be corrected a little, but the Chinese have already taken a firm grip on the bit and are unlikely to abandon their chosen strategy, which continues to bring them profit and fans.

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