Front camera in the phone

Front camera in the phone The development of mobile networks has made online communication popular, training via Skype, distribution of videos and photos taken at the right moment.

Smartphones are equipped with compact, versatile cameras that can take high-quality pictures at any time.


The front side of the device houses not only important sensors, but also a special selfie camera – the front camera.


The primary purpose of the front camera is video communication. In devices that did not have a peephole on the front panel, this was very inconvenient, because you could either look at the screen or broadcast your image. Gradually, the use of the camera for taking pictures of your face from an arm's length (selfie) has gained popularity. In this regard, manufacturers have focused on installing a good front-facing module. In some devices, the front camera is superior in quality to the rear matrix. They are called “selfiphones”.

For convenience, they place the camera on the top of the smartphone, there are models with a lower location, but according to reviews, this is inconvenient.

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Camera quality

To get good photos of yourself, you need to pay attention to the resolution of the camera and the width of the aperture. Moreover, the second indicator is very important.

  • Resolution is the number of light-sensitive points in the camera. It is believed that this is a key indicator, but this is not entirely true.
  • Aperture – the width of the lens and the size of the area that transmits light to the main element.

These two indicators complement each other perfectly.

Camera aperture

The wider the camera, the more pixels it can comfortably accommodate.

If you insert 20 million points into a circle with a diameter of 1 mm, then they will be cramped, their size will be smaller than normal for the sake of achieving a number for the sake of compactness. The situation will change if you expand the size of the work area or decrease the number of points.

A wide camera window allows you to get more light during shooting, respectively, the clarity and brightness of the photo will be better than that of the same, but with a smaller aperture.

The optimal resolution for the camera is 10-12 megapixels. More should be taken, only with an increased diameter of the eye. Some manufacturers deliberately put black edging or glass to make the window appear larger.

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Problems at work

Reasons for the failure of the front camera:

  • Software Update. The system software may not be updated. This is especially common in new phone models or unknown Chinese brands.
  • Viruses. The phone can be infected with malware that interferes with components and may collect personal information.
  • Mechanical damage. Physical impact can disrupt the condition of the module and the sensitivity of the components.
  • Dust and dirt getting into the device. Microscopic particles can break the contact between the die and the main board.
  • Clogged cache. A certain amount of internal memory is allocated for the operation of the camera, which is necessary for displaying the image on the screen, processing photos and working. During use, special “traces” may remain, which accumulate and thereby slow down the work.

There are several ways to fix problems on your own:

  • Reboot the device. The failure may be caused by a minor disruption that will resolve after restarting the system. The charge of the device must be at least 30%, because in some models there is a restriction on the use of the camera and flash.
  • Factory reset. Before doing this, you need to save all important information and files. All installed applications, including malware, will be removed.
  • Clearing cache memory. Go to Settings – Applications – Camera – Data – Clear cache. The procedure will help speed up the operation of the device.
    Clear camera cache
  • Remove viruses. Installation of special software, antivirus will eliminate the threat introduced from the outside. Search for viruses in the phone

If the device refuses to take pictures after all the procedures, then the problem is most likely hidden in the physical state of the module. Check the connection of the contacts, remove dust and debris, or replace the entire module.

Installation work requires precision and is best left to a professional. Having contacted the service center, you need to describe the problem to a specialist. With a suitable module, the procedure will not take long.

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For selfie lovers

If the front camera stopped responding to the smartphone owner's requests or it is missing, you can take a picture with the rear camera.

Some devices of the past had a small reflective disc near the aperture window, this was a special mirror for selfies. As a lifepack, you can use a small cosmetic mirror, which must be placed on the back wall. It is convenient to set the timer for 5 – 10 seconds. This will allow you to take on the desired facial expression for the best effect.

The selfie camera offers great possibilities and greatly simplifies multimedia shooting.

For a long and high-quality operation, you need to monitor the condition of the device, regularly wipe the display and the camera cutout, and prevent moisture from getting inside the case.

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