Features and secrets of Android 7 Nougat

Android Nougat 7 Android 7.0 Nougat contains many useful features that can be used on most devices running this version of Android. With the Nexus 6P running on Android Nougat, we are going to show you a few tricks that will help you improve your system's security and usability.

These secrets apply not only to Android 7, but also to earlier versions.

Increasing performance

Keep track of active running services frequently and save RAM and battery power.

Typically, applications running in the background consume a lot of device resources. To disable such applications, you need to go to the developer settings and disable them. To save changes, you need to restart background services, applications, or the entire smartphone.

Depending on the device, the following path is: Settings -> Battery, performance -> List of applications. Select the required application to control its background activity and set the “Hard limit”.

Background mode of applications on Android

Disable unnecessary applications in the background

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Quick access to settings

In the 7th version, the settings menu has been updated. The main menu is located on the left side of the screen and can be called up at any time. You can also use horizontal scrolling.

Android 7 Settings

The Settings menu opens on the left side of the screen

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Do you know English, German or any other foreign language? Let Google know about it!

If you speak any foreign language, you can use your skills while surfing the Internet. With Google Talk, you can add an additional language to improve your Google Search search. If you visit sites in one of the languages ​​used, Google Chrome will not offer translations. You can delete any of the used languages ​​at any time using the special button (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner of the screen.

Language settings

Add, sort and remove languages

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Optimizing battery performance

You can prevent applications running in the background (WhatsApp, navigator, Instagram) from using the Internet for their work. This will extend the battery life of the smartphone on a single charge, but there are various side effects. Some messaging or navigation apps will not be able to send notifications, which may result in you missing an important message or turn (while driving). To avoid such situations, turn off battery optimization in the appropriate settings.

Go to Settings -> Battery -> Optimize Battery Performance -> Optimize / Don't Optimize.

Optimizing battery performance

Protect yourself from problems with background apps

Press and hold the battery icon, then a battery optimization button will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. In the menu that opens, you will find all running applications. Select the problematic application, and click on “Don't optimize”. Now restart the application? Got better?

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Quick Launch Icons

You can assign the quick launch icons yourself. This feature was previously available on Samsung mobile devices, so this option is new for users using devices from other manufacturers.

Quick Access Toolbar

Optimize Quick Launch Bar

This is very easy to do. But there is one peculiarity: the icons that you see in the Quick Access Toolbar are located in the first five places when expanded. Another tip: use two fingers to expand the quick launch menu of the main settings.

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Disable sound for certain notifications

The notification system has not received any particularly significant changes since the release of Android 5 Lollipop, which took place in the fall of 2014. Nougat now has the ability to turn off notification sounds from certain apps.

Mute notification sound

You can remove sound from adware

Everything is set up very simply. Press and hold the received notification and select for silent notifications. In the notification settings, you can sort applications according to certain criteria and change.

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Using split screen correctly

You probably get stuck on YouTube a lot. Would you like to simultaneously watch videos on YouTube and photos in Instagram, or chat on social networks at the same time on one screen? Split screen feature has been added to Android Nougat. Open YouTube, turn on the video and then in the lower right corner of the screen, click on the “Recent” button and select another application. Did you accidentally launch the wrong application? Press the Home button and launch the application as usual. It will launch at the bottom of the screen. Is the window too small? Expand it a little. Want to get out of this mode? Stretch one of the apps to full screen.

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We use the same application in two windows at the same time

The above function works for one application as well. For example, you can easily open the Chrome browser in two windows at once, but things are a little more complicated with other applications.

In Chrome, this is done using tabs. Launch your browser and click on the recently launched apps button to activate multi-window mode. Then, on the screen with the browser running, click on the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Open in another window”. Please, now you have two browsers open at once.

Application in two windows

Launch two chrome at the same time

With other applications, things are different. If you want to run one application in two windows, you must have a “Parallel Windows” application for Nougat. It doesn't run smoothly enough, but it does its job. Installation takes place in a couple of steps. Give him access to other apps. Then configure the “Hotspot Dimensions” item – here swipe on the screen to open the Parallel settings Windows. We recommend not to touch the default settings.

After setting up the application, you can try it out. Swipe left from the middle of the right edge of the screen to bring up the application menu. In the menu that appears, you will see 3 items: app drawe, multi-windows mode and mirror app. By choosing the latter, you can run one application in two windows. Now just run some application with the option enabled.

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Opening more than two windows at once

Support for the mode is one of the main innovations Android of Nougat, but what if you could open a large number of applications on your smartphone / tablet, like on a PC. There is such an opportunity. First you need to activate the developer mode and install the “Taskbar” application. After that, you need to configure this application and enable the Freeform window mode. This is done in the advanced settings of the application. Then we close all applications. Now you can run as many applications as you like.

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Improving device security

Do you want someone to play Pokemon Go on your device for you, but don't want that person to be able to go elsewhere? Then launch the application and click on the recently launched applications button in the lower right corner of the screen, move the tile window up and then click on the pin icon in the lower right part. No pin icon? So you need to activate the Pin function in the security settings. The screenshots show how to do this. And it works as follows: the smartphone can be switched to standby mode, so there is no need for the screen to always be configured in this way. If you turn on your device again, it will work within the designated application.

Device security

The attached app hides other open apps

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We activate data encryption

In the developer settings, you will find an option to encrypt files. It doesn't sound very interesting, but this feature has many positive aspects. First, only your personal data is encrypted. You will no longer need to enter different passwords to access them. And if your smartphone has been rebooted, then at least the alarm clock will remain in working order, so that you will not oversleep the time you need. To activate this function, you will have to format the device (all your data will be deleted!)

Data encryption on Android

Format your smartphone and improve device performance

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We save traffic

If you just purchased a device with Android Nougat, you may not be familiar with the Data Saver feature, which restricts network-powered applications when you are not connected to Wi-Fi.

We save traffic

The traffic saving feature is very useful for people who are not at home

Go to Settings -> Networks -> Data Traffic Management and activate the traffic saving function. After that, you can create a list of applications that will work even if there is no Wi-Fi connection, and the rest will be completely disabled.

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Activating the Easter egg

Android Nougat can no longer play Flopsy Droid like it did with Lollipop and Marshmallow. But now you can collect kittens. So far, few people know about this. Therefore, we plan to talk about this and other Easter eggs in the future.

Easter egg on Android 7 Nougat

This is the most boring Easter egg ever on Android

Do you know any other tricks related to Nougat? Share them with us and other users in the comments.

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