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Google account Google is the most popular search engine. By creating an account on the site, you will get access to almost a dozen useful and convenient services from this company. Each of the services is designed to help ordinary people. With them, you can use the calendar, video hosting, social network, e-mail, watch news, translate text, download applications to your smartphone and much more. And for all this, you just need to register once. All your information will be protected and collected in one place, and you will definitely not lose access to it.

How to register a Google account from your phone

To register with Google, you need to visit the website of one of the services. Take google.com for example. In the upper right corner is the “Login” button, click on it. If you did not have accounts, then you will be immediately prompted to enter your data. In this case, you must select the “Create an account” function. The site will ask you to indicate the first name, last name, first name / nickname of the user (@ gmail.com will be added to these characters – this will be your mail). Also, do not forget to come up with a strong password so that scammers cannot get your data.

You can register a Google account through the settings on your phone. Each device has its own nuances, but you need to find a section in the settings related to accounts or Google itself. Select Google from the list that opens. After that, you will be prompted to switch your account or create a new one.

Phone accounts

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Login to Google account

If you already have a Google account, then you should enter your username. Open the “Login” tab in any service, and specify the mail or phone number to which the account was registered. After that, you will need to enter a password. If necessary, the entered characters can be shown using the button with the pupil (located on the right in the input line).

Login to Google account

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How to sign out of your Google account on your phone

To sign out of your account, you will have to visit the settings and section with accounts (Settings> Google> Google Account) again. Find your Google profile there, open the menu, and select “Delete account”. This way you can log out of all services with one click and delete all your data.

Delete Google Account

You will need to enter your password to delete your account.

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Factory reset and consequences

After a factory reset, the phone will automatically log out of all accounts and remove all programs. In this case, you will have to register again or remember your username and password from the previous record. It is advisable to use one account so as not to lose important information for yourself. The registration and authorization method was described above.

To factory reset, go to Settings> Advanced settings> Backup & reset> Reset to factory settings.

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How to change your Google account password

To protect yourself from hacking and other fraud, you need to create a complex password in advance and not tell anyone. Remember that no one has the right to ask you for a password for your personal accounts. If the password is not complex enough, it is advisable to change it.

You can do this on your account page. The “Personal Information” tab (Settings> Google> Google Account) will contain all your information, including your password. Select this section and enter your current password, then enter a new one.

Change your Google account password

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Google account combines all Google services

As mentioned earlier, Google combines several services at once. A little more about them:

  • Google Chrome is one of the most popular and user-friendly browsers. Thanks to flexible configuration, any user can use it. You can download additional extensions as needed.
  • Gmail is email. Works quickly and efficiently.
  • Youtube is the largest video hosting service in the world. You can upload your videos to it, edit them or watch someone else's. There is pay TV – you can watch popular TV series and films.
  • Google maps – online maps. There is a possibility of 3D street view, as well as laying routes to any point.
  • Google drive is a cloud storage. Free volume – 15 gigabytes. You can store your files on this disk. In this case, the memory of your phone will not be used.
  • Play Store is a service for smartphones based on android. All license files (applications and games) for this system are located here.
  • Google Translate. You can use automatic text translation, voice dialing. You can even communicate with the interlocutor in any language – the translator translates everything online.
  • Additionally, a calendar and social network Google+ is available, which will soon be closed.

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Useful features for Google users

If you choose to use Google, there are a number of benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Two-step authorization is a way to further protect your account from fraudsters. In addition to the password, you need to enter the code from the SMS that comes to your phone (the phone must be registered in your account in advance).
  • A backup mail and phone number to restore access is another feature that will make your account a little more secure. Through a backup mail or phone number, you can restore access to your account without any problems.
  • Login to other sites through your Google account. You will be able to log in to other sites using your google account. This way you will not forget your username and password, plus you will not have to waste time on registration.
  • Activity tracking – the account will analyze your actions and keep a history of visited places or sites. You yourself can choose what information will be saved.
  • Actions and chronology – the service for maps will show you which places you have visited in a certain period of time (yesterday, last week, month, year).
  • Advertising personalization – only those products that are of interest to you will appear in advertising blocks (based on the entered search queries and visited sites)
  • Disk storage – You can upload up to 15 gigabytes to cloud storage for free. Little space? Buy more or create a second account.
  • Payments and subscriptions – Pay and renew subscriptions with your google account. Just link your VISA / MasterCard debit / credit card. The card data is encrypted and protected.

All listed services can be found in your Google account settings (myaccount.google.com).

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If you want to remove your device from the Play Store, there are 2 ways to do this:

  1. From a computer. Go to the service itself and click on the gear. All tethered smartphones with additional information will appear in front of you. To untie the device, just uncheck the selected models. Remove phone from Play Store
  2. From the phone. Log into the Play Store. In the search bar, select the menu on the left (3 horizontal lines)> Account> Change Contact Email. Play Store account Change mail in Google account

You can also delete your email. It should be borne in mind that in this case you will delete and lose access to your messages and correspondence. Sometimes very important information can be stored there. Therefore, remember to save all the information you need in advance. To delete mail, go to your main profile page and go to the “Data and Personalization” section. In the list that appears, select “Delete service or account”. Next, the system will offer you a list of services that you can delete.

Delete service and Google account

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How secure is Google account?

Google is far ahead of its direct competitors in terms of security. That is why it is safer to store personal information on it. Thanks to the connection of all services, your account will always be protected. And with the slightest attempts to hack, you will be immediately notified about it. Even if you log into your account from another phone / computer / ip-address, you will receive a notification by email.

However, you still need to have a good password and enable 2-Step Verification (password + sms). The service uses additional security methods and opportunities for account recovery – this is a backup email and a backup cell number).

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Search for a device via Google

Almost everyone has lost their mobile phone at least once. Unfortunately, not all those who find it turn out to be respectable. Therefore, your cell phone can be lost forever. Actually, like all the information on it. In order not to worry about your personal data, use the find your lost device.

The following factors are necessary for correct operation:

  • The smartphone must be turned on.
  • It must be linked to your Google account.
  • There must be an internet connection.
  • Registration in the Play Store.
  • The “Location” parameter must be active.
  • Find My Device is enabled.

If all conditions are met, the location of the smartphone will be shown on the map. Even the street and the house are shown. As you can see in the picture, you can call the phone, lock the screen or delete all data.

Find a phone via Google

You can open the map using the link https://www.google.com/android/find, or using the phone settings. To do this, go to settings, “Google” and select “Security” from the list. Clicking on “Find My Device” will open options for tracking your device. This can be a Google website or a special application from the Play Store.

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How to delete Google account

Want to delete your Google account? Remember that along with this you will lose all the files and information that was stored on it. To delete it using your browser, you need to go to your account home page, open “Data and Personalization”. In the “Download, uninstall and schedule” section, select “Remove a service or account.” In the window that opens, click on “Delete account”. After that, you will lose access to all information.

Delete service and Google account

To delete an account on your phone, you need to go to “Settings” and select the “Accounts” section. Select an account and open the menu. The list that appears will contain a selection of possible actions. The method may vary slightly depending on the phone model.

Remove Google account from phone

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How to recover Google account

If something happened to your account or you just forgot your password, then use recovery. To do this, you need to open a window with authorization and click there on the button “Forgot email address. mail? ” The service will ask you to indicate the phone number or email to which the account was registered. After that, you will need to enter your first and last name.

A special code will be sent to the selected mail or phone. Enter it on the recovery page. You will then be asked to enter your password again. Since the last password has been lost, you can try to remember any of the previous ones. The newer your password, the faster you can recover your account.

Don't know any previous passwords? Then send SMS with the code again. With it you can create a new password. It is advisable to make it challenging but memorable for you. Also, it will not hurt to correctly indicate your name, secret question, additional mail and other information.

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