Death to the flagships! Samsung has promised to release a budget smartphone with a camera from the Galaxy Note 20

Despite the fact that it is rather difficult to imagine a smartphone market, where each device would have equal opportunities, and the flagship models would not exist in principle, it is rather difficult, apparently, everything goes to this. Well, see for yourself. Now there is not a single manufacturer that would equip their smartphones with some kind of special processor – the richer vendors put top-end Snapdragon, the more principled vendors – Kirin and Exynos, and those who don't care about everything – MediaTek. Of course, with the reorientation of the flagships to photo-capability, the situation has changed a bit, but probably not for long.

Death to the flagships!  Samsung has promised to release a budget smartphone with a camera from the Galaxy Note 20

Samsung believes that there may be no difference between flagships and low-cost smartphones at all

Samsung plans to start equipping Galaxy A line of smartphones with the Galaxy Note 20 camera. Despite the fact that it includes several rather expensive devices, most of them are either initially budget models, or those that are systematically getting cheaper, wandering from the middle price segment to the initial one, like e.g. Galaxy A51.

Samsung Cameras

Death to the flagships!  Samsung has promised to release a budget smartphone with a camera from the Galaxy Note 20

This is the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera. It will also receive the Galaxy Note 20 and some state employee from the Galaxy A line

The practice of introducing high-quality multi-camera modules for smartphones in the top-end price segment will also apply to mid-price devices. Right now, we are considering equipping one of the low-cost smartphones with the very first-class camera that the flagship has. We plan to expand our revenue by offering consumers advanced photography capabilities at a competitive price, ”said Bae Kwang-wook, head of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, which supplies camera modules for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

The top manager did not say directly that the camera, which will be equipped with one of the inexpensive Samsung smartphones, belongs to the Galaxy Note 20. However, the journalists of The Elec through their sources close to the company's plans, found out that it would be it.

This is readily believed, given that the Galaxy A lineup already has the Galaxy A71 5G with a 64-megapixel camera. This means that the future smartphone will clearly not receive it, but something more abruptly, for example, the 108-megapixel sensor, which is equipped with the Galaxy S20 Ultra and will be equipped with the Galaxy Note 20.

Inexpensive Samsung smartphone with the best camera

Samsung's decision to install a flagship camera in a mid-range smartphone may seem strange, but from a business point of view, it is absolutely logical. The Koreans adopted it due to the high popularity of the Galaxy A line, because it is she, and not the flagships, that brings them the most income. Therefore, it is logical that the company decided to start actively developing its 'cash cow' in order to attract even more users who are somehow reluctant to take flagships.

Death to the flagships!  Samsung has promised to release a budget smartphone with a camera from the Galaxy Note 20

Why exchange for flagships, if you can row money with a shovel on the sale of budget cards?

But which smartphone will receive a top-end camera is still a mystery. I think I won't be mistaken if I assume that it will be equipped with one of the devices of the Galaxy A line of 2021. This is highly likely given that the entire 2020 Galaxy A lineup has already been unveiled. In principle, Samsung could dilute it with some Galaxy A81 or release something in between, for example, the Galaxy A71s, but it's hard to believe in that. Firstly, the Koreans promise that the device will be inexpensive, and, secondly, such an upgrade clearly deserves a full-fledged novelty.

What does all this mean? And the fact that Samsung actually intends to gradually blur the line between flagship smartphones. After all, if she realized that top-end devices are not in proper demand, and inexpensive ones are, it is logical that it is more profitable for the company to support the latter. Yes, for this you will have to work on the cost price in order to reduce it to the maximum. But if it gives a good exhaust, then the flagships can be abandoned almost completely.

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