How iOS 14 ruins users' lives Android

Despite the fact that many users Android are ready for anything to turn their smartphone into at least some semblance of an iPhone, they have never delivered any inconvenience to them personally iOS and smartphones based on it. And what inconveniences can we talk about if Google and third-party manufacturers only adopt innovations Apple and embody them in their smartphones? Take iOS 14, with which many vendors have licked up some interesting features in no time. But, as it turned out, updates iOS can play against users Android.

iOS 14

iOS 14 is too well protected from surveillance. Because of this, advertisers went to Android

Few noticed that in iOS 14, the developers Apple seriously tightened up security mechanisms. In particular, a ban was introduced on tracking user actions in applications to generate relevant advertising. This actually deprived the developers of free software, who made money on advertising, very dependent on conversion, of a stable income. As a result, even Facebook expressed Apple their displeasure, noting that in Cupertino they go too far and prevent them from earning the way they have been earning for many years.

In-app advertising


Now advertisers will do everything to collect maximum information about users Android

It is logical that not only Facebook, but also other advertising companies drew attention to the new rules for collecting user data in applications. Therefore, all major players in this area have decided to change the strategy for further development and reorientation to the market Android – applications. That is, now most of the advertising budgets will be spent on placing ads in programs for smartphones running OS from Google, because with iOS it will not be so profitable.

The general impression we got from talking with clients is that the lack of clarity on the situation with iOS can lead to the freezing of most advertising projects focused on this platform. At least until the situation clears up. Fortunately, Google continues to use the advertising ID, keeping Android as a convenient medium for advertising campaigns, ”Frank Gibot, CEO of advertising company Zynga, told investors.

Is app surveillance dangerous?

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Apple protected its users, but endangered its users Android

What does this mean for you and me? Well, it is obvious that now developers will be implementing many more trackers into their applications in order to increase the amount of collected data, from which a virtual user portrait is formed in order to make it as detailed as possible. This will allow you to study him from all sides, more accurately determine his preferences and, as a result, slip him more advertisements that match his interests. This is the only way to captivate a potential buyer of the product and increase the conversion from displaying advertising.

To be honest, the fact that we will now be watched with redoubled energy does not inspire joy. Despite the fact that surveillance as such has not surprised anyone for a long time, the feeling that now they will start collecting information about your habits and personal preferences more thoroughly becomes truly scary. In any case, I would not want advertisers to know everything about me. After all, you never know into whose hands this data will fall and how it can be used. Anyway, thanks, Apple.

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