Chrome adds auto-closing tabs for Android. How to turn on

Google Chrome is a very convenient, but still a compromise browser. On the one hand, a wide range of functions, an abundance of clear, which is important, settings and the ability to install extensions play into his hands. But, on the other hand, all this exerts such a heavy load on the hardware of the device on which it is launched that there are not enough resources to support the simultaneous operation of two or three dozen tabs. For a long time, Google diligently did not pay attention to this problem, but suddenly decided to add a special mechanism to the browser that will independently recommend you some tabs to close.

Chrome adds auto-closing tabs for Android.  How to turn on

Google Chrome will become smarter and will advise itself which tabs are best to close

Right now, Google is testing a mechanism that recommends closing some tabs to ease the load on the hardware of the device running the browser. Pages recommended for closing will be selected based on the frequency of access. Thanks to the innovation, the browser will be able to independently analyze when the user last accessed a particular tab and will advise to close the one with which there has been no interaction for the longest. After all, if the user does not open three or four tabs for 20 minutes, working with only one or two, it means that there is no need for them.

When Chrome notices that you are not using any of the open tabs, it will display a dialog box asking you to close it. However, this will not be a blind recommendation, but an opportunity to see what this tab is and why you have not opened it for so long. This visibility will save time, since the user will be able to immediately assess the need to keep the tab open and only after that make the final decision on whether to close it or leave it as it is.

How to enable auto-close tabs in Chrome

The auto-close mechanism, although under testing, is already available in the experimental Google Chrome menu.

  • To activate it, go to chrome: // flags;
  • Find a parameter called Suggest to close Tabs in the search;

Chrome adds auto-closing tabs for Android.  How to turn on

Auto-close tabs can already be turned on in Chrome

  • In the drop-down window opposite it, select the Enabled value;
  • Restart your browser by clicking the Relaunch button at the bottom of the screen.

It should be borne in mind that while the mechanism is in the testing stage, Google continues to experiment with the time that must pass for the tab to be considered obsolete. Personally, I have not been able to detect the exact time – each time the result is different and may differ several times. Therefore, when turning on the mechanism in the settings, do not really count on it to help you.

How many tabs can Chrome handle

For some reason, Google preferred to start testing the mechanism with the mobile version, which has much less problems with resource overuse. Apparently, it was easier from a technical point of view. But it is obvious to everyone that users of the desktop version would be much more pleased with this innovation, because, as practice shows, it is they who have to endure periodic computer freezes or reloading of running pages if there are too many of them open. At the same time, in relation to tabs in the browser, the concept of 'too many' is rather vague and can vary from 3-4 to 20-30. Therefore, it would be logical to expect that a mechanism for auto-closing tabs will appear in the desktop version of Chrome.

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