Beats Studio Wireless headphones

New model of wireless headphones We bring to your attention an excellent model of Beats Studio Wireless headphones. Their main advantage over headphones with wires is that they cannot get tangled in wires, since they simply do not exist. But the disadvantage is that they need to be charged more often.

Overview and characteristics

The design of wireless and models with wires is the same. The main wish for those who are going to purchase this model will be the purchase in a trusted place. We offer only quality products that have been proven in practice. We sell goods from a licensed manufacturer. At the same time, the cost will pleasantly surprise you, since it is lower than that of our competitors. This is due to the fact that we do not make big markups, relying on the number of sales.

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Our customers will certainly be pleased with the delivery set. Directly with the headphones, you will receive a power supply. The earbuds can be stored in a hard case with attachments and can be strapped to a backpack or bag.

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Above all praise the design of the headphones. There is a letter B and an inscription – the name of the manufacturer's company. This is done so that the buyer and others can establish brand affiliation. A huge variety of colors is offered to your attention. We've got Beats Studio Wireless in your favorite color. Black and red headphones are very popular. Red headphones are gaining popularity, not only among girls, but also among guys, since red is aggressive.

Only high quality material is used for manufacturing. The base is made of glossy plastic, on which fingerprints remain. The guide elements are made of metal, high-quality leatherette or ear pads.

Manufacturers installed a button on one of the cups, which is designed so that you can, by pressing it, talk to other people and not remove the headphones themselves. But some people take off their headphones anyway, because not every person is psychologically comfortable talking to a person who has headphones on their ears. Different colors of headphones

In order to be able to determine how long the charge of the headphones will last, there is a corresponding button and light indicators. They light up, and you can roughly find out how long the headphones can last and when you need to recharge them.

The model has a noise canceling function, so the sound is much cleaner, practically no noise from the environment gets in.

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