Huawei will release EMUI 11 on Android 11 in a few months

It so happened that as soon as we say the word ”Huawei”, the first thing we present is sanctions, problems and a ban on the use of the main thing that Android has – Google services. Despite this, the company continues to actively row against the tide and very soon, despite the difficulties, will release a new version of its proprietary EMUI shell, which, importantly, will be built on Android 11. This is how a Chinese company works. does not want to give up and believes that she will cope with all the difficulties of her current situation. What will be good about the new firmware, which phones will receive it, and how will it work at all?

Huawei will release EMUI 11 on Android 11 in a few months

The release of a new operating system is always something special.

Sometimes Huawei (and its sub-brand Honor) hold their presentations so actively, talk about new products and send out press releases that it seems as if nothing is happening and the company continues to hold its position on market. However, she really holds him back.

For eight years the company has been developing its proprietary software called EMUI. At the moment, the current version is EMUI 10.1, which we have already written about many times and talked about its advantages. Now there is official information that the company is preparing to release the EMUI 11 operating system, which will be built on Android 11. You cannot say “this is a twist”, but it sounds interesting.

When is EMUI 11 coming out

According to Wang chenglu , President of the Consumer Business Software Department Huawei, the new EMUI 11 firmware will arrive in the third quarter of 2020. It turns out that we are talking about the period July-September this year.

Huawei will release EMUI 11 on Android 11 in a few months

Wang Chenglu

In addition, he said that EMUI 11 will be an enhancement to EMUI 10. The company is working on intergenerational success, but plans to make the new version smoother and more responsive than the current one. So you should count on the proprietary functions Android 11, which we also wrote about on our website many times.

Which devices will support the EMUI 11 update

The company does not give a definite answer which devices will receive support for EMUI 11, and promises to tell about it later. As soon as we know about this, we will definitely share it with you on the pages of our website and in our Telegram news channel.

For now, we can assume that the list of supported devices will include those that have been released within the last two years. Among them there will probably be models of the lines Huawei P30, Huawei P40, Huawei Mate 20, Huawei Mate 30 and other models.

What's new in EMUI 11

Interestingly, there are also reports of Hongmeng OS 2.0 being released. According to reports, Hongmeng OS 2.0 will be released alongside EMUI 11.

Huawei will continue to develop various features that were already on its devices and will simply receive improvements, as well as new ones that have not yet been. For example, EMUI 10 includes a feature called “Distributed Technology” to support HD video communication between multiple devices. However, there are reports that with the help of EMUI 11 it will be possible to connect watches, tablets, laptops, TVs and other devices Huawei to various screens. 'Distributed Technology' should enable collaboration across multiple screens.

EMUI 11 will put a lot of emphasis on continuing to evolve device interoperability. In particular, even greater simplification of the transition from one device to another, which is always important not only from the point of view of user convenience, but also to increase sales. This will also affect the convenience of working on multiple devices at the same time. What Apple has for a long time, and not so long ago, but is confidently developing in other manufacturers, will now be actively introduced into new smartphones Huawei.

Huawei will release EMUI 11 on Android 11 in a few months

Huawei, like EMUI, is loved by many.

And the new features will also open up new collaboration opportunities Windows and Android. It is not yet completely clear how, but new developments should remove barriers between different systems and make smartphones in a broad sense peripheral devices for the computer and each other. This will achieve a tighter integration of systems.

Simply put, 'Distributed Technology' will help create a 'super device' that allows information to be transferred seamlessly between multiple devices. As a result, users will get a more developed ecosystem. All their devices, including the computer on Windows, will work in a single bundle. Let's see what will come of it and how it will work, but it sounds like “Napoleonic plans”. However, in the current situation Huawei she should not have any other plans. Even in spite of the sanctions of the US government, devices Huawei and Honor are valued in many countries of the world, and in Russia they are even leading in the consumer segment.

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