Is it true that phones on Android are better than iPhone

We live in a world where almost everyone has a phone. Most of them are smartphones. It so happened that the smartphone market was divided between two major players – Android and iOS. Probably, like in no other industry, this is where fans of these two operating systems collide. At the same time, if fans iOS are loyal enough to Android and just say that they do not want to use it, then many fans Android simply boil when someone says he likes iOS and iPhone. Everyone remembers him, including the logo and even Tim Cook himself. I usually do not get into arguments with amateurs of one operating system or the other. Now I just want to tell you what, in my opinion, are the advantages of Android over iOS.

Is it true that phones on Android are better than iPhone

Is there really such a big difference between them.

Smartphones for Android more

First of all, you need to understand that Android is any manufacturer that wants to make smartphones. iOS, on the other hand, are smartphones that are lucky enough to be released Apple. There are even statistics that vary slightly from year to year, but smartphones are on Android three quarters of the total in the world, and on iOS only a quarter.

As a result, dozens, if not hundreds, of devices work on Android. The number of actual iPhone without taking into account memory variations will be a maximum of five, including a couple of last year's models. With such an assortment, making a choice is much easier. You can choose in any price range, any color, body shape, screen, memory and other parameters. If you want something new every time, a smartphone on Android is just perfect.

Cheap Android phone

The fact that iPhone offers few models is not the biggest problem. If you want to buy a device with an apple on the back, you will have to pay from $ 400. That is how much it costs iPhone SE second generation.

Is it true that phones on Android are better than iPhone

Outwardly iPhone SE 2 is very pretty.

It may be good enough except for the thick bezels, but it's still expensive and many people want a $ 200-250 device. This category Android offers many more options

Smartphone memory card

Many users underestimate the importance and usefulness of a large memory on their phone. As a result, they buy the minimum, then they do not have enough and have to put up or go for a new phone. I'm not a fan of memory cards and have already told you why, but at least users Android have a choice. Apple in this regard does not really roam.

Dual SIM smartphones

A similar situation with the choice and from the point of view of the SIM card. Almost all Android smartphones have the ability to install two physical SIM cards. iPhone also offers this option, starting with iPhone Xs, but the second SIM card will only be electronic, and not all operators give the opportunity to use them.

You can find iPhone with two physical sim cards, but they are produced only for the Chinese market (and even then not all models). If you want one, you need to find a way to bring it from the Middle Kingdom. With Android in this regard, everything is much simpler.

Headphone jack

Starting from iPhone 7, smartphones from Apple do not have a headphone jack. Perhaps this is a relative advantage, and in Android this connector has become less and less common, but sometimes it is really needed.

Is it true that phones on Android are better than iPhone

Before iPhone 7 there was a headphone jack. Then Apple she refused it, for which she received a share of criticism.

Again, you will have a choice and decide which headphones you use. For iPhone you will have to buy only wireless ones or use an adapter, which is not even included with all models. Of course, you can sell it. Why give it for free?

Downloading files to your phone

In the latest firmware versions iOS, the ability to work with files has appeared and the corresponding application becomes more and more powerful, but in Android everything has been working for a long time.

Comparing new smartphones, this point does not really matter, but in the case of buying a used device, this must be borne in mind. This especially applies to downloading video and audio content. With that on Android it has always been easier.

Widgets on iOS and Android

Another relative advantage is the ability to customize the interface. Third-party launchers are still fun, but there are fans on them, but widgets can sometimes be very useful.

Is it true that phones on Android are better than iPhone

Rumor has it in iOS 14 it might be like this. Widgets on a separate screen have been around for a long time.

It seems like, according to rumors, the new iOS 14, which will be presented in the summer, will have widgets, but this is not certain. One way or another, the main problem with widgets is that they drain your battery as the apps run in the background. There are, of course, exceptions, but rare.

Accessories for Android cheaper

On the one hand, original accessories Apple are considered expensive, but on the other hand, manufacturers Android – smartphones also sometimes double the price. What really costs them less is the covers. But the cost of charging and cable from top brands like Samsung and Huawei is comparable in price to solutions from Apple. But Apple Lightning, while other smartphones have more universal micro USB and USB Type-C.

You can, of course, buy third-party accessories that cost about the same for all smartphones, but you want something original and good.

Which is better – iPhone or Android

It turns out that in all respects, it is Android that smartphones are better. Possibly, but one thing cannot be taken away from Apple – ease of use. The owner iPhone simply does not need to know how to reset the cache, which optimization application to download and how much RAM is in his smartphone. Everything just works out of the box.

And there is also a better app store, and that's a fact. Firstly, there are much fewer ads in free applications, and secondly, new applications are most often the first to appear on iOS. It just so happened. Now it is less pronounced, but before it was more.

The world of smartphones is long overdue to stop dividing it into black and white. It's just that some people need comfort of use, while others need functionality. Only now iOS and Android have been moving towards leveling this difference for a long time. Soon the differences between them will be even less. Even for the price.

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