Apple, move over. Google flashed a bank card for Google Pay

Rumors that Google is going to launch its own bank card appeared last year. True, then this information did not have any other confirmation, except for the words of average insiders, who could equally be right and wrong. Now, however, the rumors have found more solid ground, indicating the search giant's real intentions to enter the financial services market. After all, Google has already started testing its own bank card, which just recently appeared in the program code of the Google Pay service.

Apple, move over.  Google flashed a bank card for Google Pay

Google decided to present its bank card by analogy with Apple Card

Judging by the available information, Google Card will strongly resemble Apple Card – both in terms of design methodology and use. A branded Google card can be ordered in the Google Pay application, where it will immediately appear in virtual format. The physical card will arrive later by mail. But, unlike Apple Card, Google Card will be a debit card, which means that many more users will be able to get it, and there will be no need to wait for a credit rating check.

Google bank card

Apple, move over.  Google flashed a bank card for Google Pay

It is not clear what the Google Card will be made of, but there is a possibility that it will be made of metal

It is not known if the Google Card will be made of titanium, like the Apple Card, but in the images that were found in the Google Pay app, the card has a distinctive metallic color. Therefore, it is possible that the search giant will follow the path Apple and make, if not a titanium card, then at least an aluminum or iron one. What's interesting is the orientation of the map. If all ordinary cards have a horizontal orientation, then Google Card has a vertical orientation. In fact, this is logical, given that this is how we insert it into the terminal.

Like Apple Card, initially Google Card will only work in the US. In any case, this is indicated by partner banks that will issue the card at the request of Google. This is a banking holding company CITI Group and Stanford Federal Credit Union. Yes, as you can see, two banks will serve Google Card at once. Why is not yet very clear, but perhaps in this way the search giant simply wants to share the load or offer users different terms of service, by analogy with Yandex.Plus cards from Tinkoff Bank and Alfa Bank.

Google Pay card

Apple, move over.  Google flashed a bank card for Google Pay

Google Card is not just a card, but a whole service

In fact, Google Card will be a whole service, not just a card, even if it is embedded in Google Pay. It will allow users to track all their transactions, provide them with the ability to send and receive funds, as well as order an additional card to the account, block it or close it without having to visit a bank office. For the United States, such services are still exceptional, so there is no doubt that Google Card will be highly popular with the local population.

And as for Russia, I think that Google Card will not reach us in the near future for sure, although it would be logical for Google to start global expansion earlier Apple. On the other hand, due to the fact that Apple Card and Google Card can only be issued on iOS and Android respectively, there will be no actual competition between these financial products. . After all, even if one card offers more favorable terms of use than another, there are hardly many people willing to change their mobile platform for this. In any case, I would never go for it.

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