Russia has made an application that shows contacts with patients with COVID 19 on the map

Self-isolation and social distance are currently the best ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. However, the main problem remains to determine exactly where the foci of infection with the virus are located, as well as to identify everyone with whom the sick have contacted. Therefore, not so long ago Apple and Google teamed up to create a contact tracing system with coronavirus patients on iOS and Android. The API of the new system will only be available in May, so many countries have developed special applications that help identify potential carriers of the coronavirus. A similar application has appeared in Russia.

Russia has made an application that shows contacts with patients with COVID 19 on the map

This application shows cases of coronavirus on a map

As conceived by the developers, the MySafe project should help make the spread of the virus across the country 'visible' by collecting statistics on the health status of users. So the application will be able to create a database to analyze the spread of the disease and identify foci of infection. Users will be able to report their condition themselves (they are healthy, have been ill, have coronavirus now, and so on), and the application will display the information received on the map.

How to find out who has coronavirus

The display of cases in MySafe is carried out on a map in real time. To do this, the application will save users' geolocation points for 14 days. It is understood that the people themselves will show their active position and report if they have symptoms of the disease (or they are already sick). A person changes his health status only after an official diagnosis, and this information is anonymous for other users. At the same time, he was warned about responsibility for a false message, and in case of fraud, the 'joker' can be easily identified.

Russia has made an application that shows contacts with patients with COVID 19 on the map

The application will offer to take a health survey

Other users, by opening the application, will be able to see all the foci of infection around them, up to a particular house. This allows them to move around safely – yet many employees in the food, mining, pharmaceutical and other industries still have to go to work every day. Pharmacies, grocery stores, couriers – they must work so that others in quarantine have the opportunity not to leave their homes. By the way, MySafe has an affiliate program with pharmacies – you can show the application on your phone and get a discount on medicines. Such pharmacies are also shown on the map.

Russia has made an application that shows contacts with patients with COVID 19 on the map

All sick or potentially infected are shown on the map

In the long term, if as many users as possible install such an application, this will minimize the number of infections, reduce damage to business and the economy as a whole. A similar service was launched in Singapore when the coronavirus infection reached the city. People knew which places to avoid and thus did not get infected. Quarantine measures also played an important role here. In addition, the developers want to integrate the digital badge creation function.

Since COVID-19 will not disappear overnight, we will have to live with it for a long time. And how the situation develops in the future will depend only on our responsible approach. As soon as the application appears, it is worth telling your relatives, friends and acquaintances about MySafe so that they too will be armed with such an application. The larger the user base of such services, the more useful they will be. The only thing that can be done now to avert a disaster is to implement strategies to drastically reduce the rapid growth of new infections. This means that people should reduce contacts as much as possible and change their usual way of life. You can download the application from the link below.

Download MySafe

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