Huawei will return the ability to pay by phone

Even though Huawei cannot officially work with Google services, they can still be used. Services do not work exactly natively, at the system level. Well, of course, there is no Google app store. There are varying degrees of success for ways to return Google services to your Huawei or Honor. As a last resort, they can be used in a browser. But until that time it was not possible to solve the problem with payment. Smartphones of these brands could never be made to work with payment systems. But now the time has passed and now users Huawei will be able to pay by phone again. Everything is very simple.

Huawei will return the ability to pay by phone

The long-awaited feature will return to smartphones Huawei very soon.

Can I pay by phone Huawei

So far, users do not have such an opportunity, since the company came under US government sanctions and cannot work with Google and its services. Without going into details, Google Pay was the only feature that couldn't be returned to smartphones Huawei. Now there is an alternative.

It is called Wallet Pay. From the name it is not difficult to guess that the service has Russian roots. This is indeed the case and the payment option is implemented on the basis of the “Wallet” application, which allows you to store discount, bonus and other cards that people usually carry in their wallets in one place. Very soon it will be possible to add a payment card to the application. And you can download the application itself from AppGallery right now.

When will Huawei Pay work

It's too early to talk about Huawei Pay, but the contactless phone payment feature will be available to users starting April 10, 2020. It can be used by owners of smartphones Huawei of the P40 series who have a card from one of 40 partner banks. Among them are all the largest and most popular: VTB, Alfa-Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Tinkoff, Otkrytie, Rosselkhozbank and others. Oddly enough, Sberbank, which everyone has, is not yet supported.

The payment function will not be limited to the territory of Russia. It will be possible to pay for purchases in this way all over the world – wherever bank cards are accepted. For payment, as in smartphones with Google Pay, NFC technology will be used.

The only limitation is that for now only MasterCard cards are supported. Perhaps, support for other payment systems will appear later.

How to pay by phone Huawei

If you have Google services preinstalled on your phone, you can pay for purchases using Google Pay and NFC. But if your smartphone is subject to sanctions, then first you will need to download the “Wallet” application from AppGallery. In new devices, it will be preinstalled (while it needs to be downloaded). You just need to go to the application, press the plus sign and enter your bank card details. The whole process will take less than a minute. Unfortunately, on Huawei P40 Pro I was not able to test this. The application crashed. Perhaps the point is in the raw firmware, or there are problems with the application itself, but this should be fixed. I am more inclined to the first, as I had difficulties with other applications on this particular smartphone.

Huawei will return the ability to pay by phone

This smartphone will be able to contactlessly pay for purchases.

It is difficult to say exactly how this process works, we will have to wait until April 10th. But, most likely, additional action will be required to pay. You will need to launch the application using a fingerprint or face scan for identification. After that, it is already customary to just put the smartphone to the terminal.

What is a wallet app

The wallet is a very famous cross-platform application that is available for both Android and iOS. It is also available on Android in the branded app store Huawei.

The “Wallet” application is used to store bank cards, discount cards, certificates and coupons. Some smartphones Huawei and Honor already have it preinstalled. For example, in Huawei P40 Pro, which I am currently using.

Huawei will return the ability to pay by phone

On the basis of this service, telephone payment functions will be implemented Huawei.

The service audience is 12 million people, who have linked more than 190 million cards. The statistics are impressive, but there is a feeling that now there will be even more users if this method remains the only way to pay with smartphones Huawei and Honor.

Why pay by phone if you have a card

Sometimes it is really much easier to simply attach a bank card to the terminal. But we are all accustomed to the fact that the smartphone has become our companion for every day. We wake up with him, we use it before bed and always carry it with us. Somewhere I even came across statistics that the overwhelming majority of people never once in a day find themselves more than five meters from their smartphone.

Here is the answer. Leaving home, you can forget your card, and the presence of keys and a phone in your pocket is the first thing everyone checks. Even if you sometimes forget your phone, but never forget your card, you will always have two payment methods just in case. It is very convenient and you will almost never be left without money leaving your home.

In the case of Huawei, it becomes more and more interesting to observe the development of events. She launched her app store (even if he still needs to grow a little), rolled out her voice assistant and office applications. And from April 10, the issue of payment for smartphones Huawei of the P40 series will be resolved. They are great, they don't give up. Perhaps very soon she really won't need Google at all. This will be an interesting time.

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