An error has occurred in the app

Error in Android In this article, we will talk about solving the problem related to the appearance of notifications 'The process has stopped', as well as 'An error has occurred in the application'.

Regardless of the frequency and conditions of such notifications, both errors have a common origin and prevent the full use of the Android device. an error occured

The reason for these errors is the stopping of the processes responsible for interacting with applications as a result of a failure. These processes include Google services to keep other software running and up to date. The failures themselves can be caused by the lack of the necessary component in the system, an error when updating applications from Google, or even due to the incompatibility of Google services with the OS version.

Problem solving methods

It can take a long time to find the root cause of the problem. But this is not a reason to rush to reset the settings or reflash. It may be worth starting with simpler and, at the same time, quite effective options.

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Clearing data and rolling back updates

If the above errors occur, the first step is to clear the cache and data of Google services. This requires:

  1. Delete Google account via 'Users and accounts' settings section. Delete Google Account
  2. Open 'Settings', go to the 'Applications' section and select 'All Apps'.
  3. Alternately select from the list 'Google Play Services' (on earlier firmware Google Services Framework), 'Play Market' and 'Carrier Services' (present in newer OS versions). Clean up data and cache in each of these applications. Clear cache of goole services
  4. Restart the device and sign in again.

In most cases, this is sufficient to resolve the error. If the problem persists, you should again find the 'Google Play Market' in the list of all applications, click 'Stop' and 'Uninstall updates'.

Uninstall Play Store update

As a result, a rollback will be made to the previous version of the application, after which the Play Market will be automatically updated. This should fix errors related to installing a new version of the app store.

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Launching disabled applications

The most common causes of errors also include disabled programs and system services. During the freezing of 'extra' components, the user can accidentally touch the process necessary for the correct operation of interdependent applications.

In this case, it is recommended to visit the 'Disabled Applications' and 'System Processes' sections by unfreezing all programs and stopped services.

Enable stopped services

After that, you need to restart the device, activate auto-update in the Google Play settings in order to update the versions of previously inactive applications.

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Reset all apps settings

If you can't find the culprit responsible for the crash, you can perform a master reset of your apps. To do this, open the list of all applications in the menu and select the appropriate item from the context menu.

Reset app preferences

After confirming the request, the settings of the installed software will be reset. In this case, contacts, photos and other user files will remain in place. To check the result, you will need to reboot the device.

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Removing and reinstalling Gapps

Users of custom firmware may encounter the '' error as a result of a conflict between Gapps (a package of services from Google) and the OS version. The problem is solved by completely uninstalling the current Gapps package and then installing a compatible version. To uninstall, you need the System app remover utility and superuser rights (root-rights).

System app remover

After reinstallation, to ensure the correct functionality of the services, you must assign the new version of the Play Market the role of a system application. The Link2SD utility will handle this task (you need root to work).


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Return to factory settings

Sometimes there is no choice but to return the system to its original state. To perform a hard reset, you need to find the appropriate item in the settings menu and select the 'Delete all data' option.

Resetting all settings in the phone

Note! A general reset, in addition to restoring factory settings, implies the permanent deletion of all personal data! Take care of the backup in advance.

On some devices, error notifications appear almost continuously. This greatly complicates the task: getting to the desired settings point is almost impossible. For such cases, there is an alternative option that allows you to reset the settings via Recovery.

To access the recovery menu, you need to turn off the device and hold down the required combination of buttons (each model has its own combination).

Recovery menu

The reset is performed through the 'wipe data / factory reset' item. Before performing a reset, it is recommended to start wiping the system partition containing the application cache using the 'wipe cache partition' item.

factory reset in the recovery menu

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Flashing the device

As a rule, problems associated with the appearance of the error 'Google Play Services has stopped' can be successfully solved using the methods described earlier. Accordingly, the option with a flashing should be considered only as a last resort. Each model has its own peculiarities of reinstalling the OS, so it makes no sense to dwell on this issue. Everything you need for a flashing can be found in the corresponding sections on the forum.

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Solution for devices with legacy software

Stopping Gapps processes most often 'suffers' from older models of smartphones and tablets. This is due to the incompatibility of Google services with the current version Android.

Outdated software

There are two ways to solve this problem.

  1. Roll back to an older version of Google Play services that did not conflict with the OS. Get root rights and use Titanium Backup to freeze the Play Market. As a result, the error will disappear, but you will have to use a third-party app store to install and update programs.
  2. Install custom firmware with a newer version of Android on your device.

If none of the suggested methods work, you may need to consider purchasing a new device with up-to-date software.

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