You can't overclock the old one Android, or Why you shouldn't believe the advice of experts

I believe that all users Android sooner or later face the need to do something with their smartphone in order to increase its performance. At the same time, for some reason, most of them think that a couple of some ritual actions are enough for the old device, which has long been asking for rest, to work like new. For a long time, I had no idea where these completely useless and meaningless productivity techniques came from. And then I learned about the experts from Kcell JSC, who are giving out such advice, obviously without conducting preliminary checks.

You can't overclock the old one Android, or Why you shouldn't believe the advice of experts

Many performance tips Android are sheer nonsense

At the end of last week, many major publications published material containing advice from a certain director of the business market development department of Kcell JSC, Peter Dziuba, on improving the performance of old smartphones. This blue-eyed expert stated that the performance of smartphones suffers from a lack of free disk space. Say, users during the operation of their devices clog their memory with various kinds of applications and auxiliary files, which in turn leads to a drop in performance.

Is it worth clearing memory for Android

You can't overclock the old one Android, or Why you shouldn't believe the advice of experts

Android works great with files and simple cleaning won't help to overclock it

To begin with, these are too general words, from which an ordinary user can hardly squeeze out the essence. Yes, indeed, there are some applications and files that have a negative impact on the performance of smartphones, but this is not due to their very presence in memory. The thing is that some types of software – usually malicious – conduct covert activities on the devices of their victims, for example, mining cryptocurrency or scrolling ads in order to give their creators to make money on it, and thereby consume the available processor resources. However, to argue that the file itself, downloaded to the smartphone, can somehow slow it down, is absolutely wrong.

You should periodically clean your phone: remove applications that you do not use, as well as duplicate applications, unnecessary and old files, unsuccessful photos and videos. In addition, if the smartphone is no longer new, then you can turn off the effects, animations that slow down the device in the settings, – Izvestia quotes the words of the expert.

This quote particularly clearly indicates that its author has a rather distant idea of ​​what can affect the performance of a smartphone and what cannot. Here he says that installing two identical applications can lead to a decrease in device performance. However, any student knows that it is impossible to establish exactly that two versions of the same program without hacking Android – a smartphone. You can create a shortcut that will launch the application again, you can create a new profile for the same purpose, but you cannot simply take and download two WhatsApp or two Instagram from Google Play. Even if you decide to participate in the beta testing program, installing the test version of the program will certainly lead to the fact that it will replace the stable one.

Is it possible to overclock Android

You can't overclock the old one Android, or Why you shouldn't believe the advice of experts

An old smartphone works slowly because it is already outdated

It's even easier with animations and special effects. Despite the fact that a moving image will always have more weight, consuming more resources than a static image, modern smartphones practically do not notice this. Devices 7 or 10 years ago with animated wallpapers really had a hard time, but today, when even cheap smartphones have processors that surpass the old flagships in power and 4000 mAh batteries, this has practically no effect on their work. In any case, you will definitely not be able to catch it with the naked eye.

Does this mean that you can’t delete old and unnecessary files categorically? Of course not. You can delete them if they bother you or if there are too many of them. Nevertheless, I never do this, and my smartphone works quite well for itself for 2-3 years, without causing me any complaints about its performance. What happens next? Then it simply becomes outdated and the available computing power is no longer enough for me. So I just go and buy a new machine. After all, you can still try to speed up the old one, but there won't be much sense from it. Checked.

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