What is the main advantage of Google smartphones

Data security is extremely important for many users. No one wants their data to end up in the hands of large companies that can do whatever they want with it in the future. On this issue, people are divided into two camps – someone is calm about the transfer of personal data, someone, on the contrary, tries to do everything so that they do not get to anyone. Why did we start with this? Now you will understand everything.

What is the main advantage of Google smartphones

What is the plus of Google smartphones?

When buying a smartphone at Android, the best bet is to buy a device from Google. And all because only in this case she will have access to your personal data.

Let's be honest, you won't be able to find Android – a smartphone that doesn't send your personal data anywhere. This is quite normal practice. Big companies collect data to make future products better. Or not only?

What is the main advantage of Google smartphones

Samsung collects user data along with Google

The fact is that Samsung does not allow full use of Samsung Pay's capabilities until the user allows the sale of personal data to the company's partners. This function can be disabled in the smartphone settings, but it will not be so easy for an ordinary user to find it.

What is the main advantage of Google smartphones

Samsung may sell your data to partners

In addition, during the initial setup of Samsung smartphones, the owners of the devices may notice that the company has access to the same personal user data as Google. That is why, owning a device that is not developed by Google, you also transfer your data to the company that is the manufacturer of the device. It could be Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei – there isn't much difference.

So why give data to two companies, then, if you can limit yourself to one? This is why buying Google Pixel smartphones is the most correct decision.

What smartphones does the company offer?

Currently, the most advanced phones in the Pixel lineup are the Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. The former won the 'Most Rugged Smartphone' category, which was awarded to the device by our colleague JerryRigEverything.

Of all the phones introduced in 2019, the Pixel 3a is indeed the most durable. Just see how much it can bend without damaging the internal components and the screen:

What is the main advantage of Google smartphones

Google Pixel 3a is the most rugged smartphone of 2019

The Google Pixel 4 is also a good option. Of course, technically on almost all issues, the device is inferior to the flagship Galaxy Note 10. But of the advantages, we note a good camera and a MotionSense sensor, thanks to which using the phone without touching it will become possible in a number of situations.

What data does Google collect?

The American giant stores information about your search queries, data from the company's messengers, Google Maps routes, bookmarks in maps, the entire history of your movements, the contents of Chrome bookmarks, a list of installed Chrome extensions, the entire history of your browser, books ever opened, voice queries, search YouTube requests. And all this is just a small part of the data that Google stores about you on its servers.

And no less data on their servers can be stored by some Chinese Xiaomi or Korean Samsung. So let's entrust our data to an American company, which is unlikely to sell it to partners or use it against you.

What is the fault Huawei?

Considering how much data Google collects about the owners of Android – smartphones, it is not entirely clear why Huawei were banned from cooperation with American companies. Everyone knows everything about everyone, and that's why it looks strange.

Apple again the best

I just ask the fans iPhone not to relax, because your smartphone probably collects no less data. At least in the geolocation settings, you can find all your movements with exact coordinates and time. Are there any guarantees that this data does not reach the servers Apple?

Maybe it's better not to pay attention?

Probably one way to solve this problem is to do nothing. Yes, companies will know everything about you. So what? Do you have something to hide? All people are alike, we have the same habits, the same search histories, you should not think that you are very different from your neighbor, who right now may be looking for something interesting on his phone in secret from his wife.

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