Why the phone won't charge on charging

Many users are faced with a situation when they put an almost “empty” phone on charge in the evening, and in the morning it just turned off. It's time to leave the house, but you have to do it without a phone, since now you definitely won't be able to charge it. Sometimes this is temporary and it is enough just to reconnect to the charging, and sometimes it does not charge at all. People have approached me with this question several times. There are several reasons why this happens, and some of them are very unpleasant. Others are simpler and can be solved with little money or even a couple of minutes of time. How to act in such a situation – we will analyze in this article.

Why the phone won't charge on charging

The battery can sometimes fail and this must be controlled.

Checking phone charging

The first step is to check whether the outlet from which charging is working at all works. No matter how trite it sounds, but it makes sense. Sometimes there are problems with them, but we don't even know about it.

If the outlet works, but it's worth checking the power adapter. To do this, you either need to take another one, or try to charge from something else. For example, from a computer or external battery. If charging is in progress, then the matter is in the adapter and you need to buy a new one. It can break not only in the event of a fall, but also without any external mechanical damage. It is enough for him to be in the outlet when a power surge occurs.

Cables are another even more common cause of charging interruptions. This can damage the connector or even the wires themselves. This happens especially often in the area of ​​the plug. This is where he is most vulnerable. This happens especially often for those who strongly bend the cable, constantly using the phone while charging, or simply pull it out carelessly, holding not the plug, but the cable itself.

If charging does not work with another power adapter or from a computer, then the problem is probably in the cable. Look for another one to check. If not, buy a new one.

Why the phone won't charge on charging

The cable must be good and free from damage.

Can i buy a cheap phone charging cable

I understand that situations can be different, but I believe that buying a cheap cable can lead to even more expenses for repairs or buying a new smartphone. I've even come across this.

The charging cable cannot cost 50 or 100 rubles, even on Aliexpress. This is a cheap cable, in which the manufacturer simply saved on everything. In addition to the fact that it will “tan” in the cold, it is likely to quickly break. There is also the risk of a short circuit that will damage the delicate components of the smartphone.

Don't skimp on the power adapter either. Normal models have a lot of built-in electronics that adjust the current settings so that the battery charges quickly and safely. The cheap ones do not, and at best they will simply wear out the battery much faster. In some cases, they can disable it immediately.

It is best to buy original cables and power adapters from a smartphone manufacturer, but if there is no such possibility or desire, buy something that is made by serious brands that deal with accessories, and not “no-name” from China or an underpass. Remember that what is sold for 100-150 rubles in the passage costs 20-30 rubles in China. At this price, there is no need to talk about quality at all. If you're lucky, the smartphone will simply charge very slowly due to the fact that the manufacturer will simply save on the thickness of the cores, but it could be worse.

Why the phone won't charge on charging

It is better not to use such a cable.

Cleaning the charging socket

Dirt is often the problem during charging. Especially if the plug began to enter the socket worse, or when the wire moves, charging starts and stops. In the vast majority of cases, this problem is solved by cleaning the connector. How to do this can be easily found on the Internet. The methods differ depending on the type of connector.

The fact is that we constantly carry the phone in our pocket or bag, where there is dust or fluff from clothes. With each charge, they are pushed by the plug into the very depths of the connector. Over time, the layer accumulates very decent and even reaches the point that it is impossible to insert the cable into place. This is also why some cases have a special plug for connectors. Dust collects not only in the charging jack, but also in the headphone jack. It's just in charging that this is most noticeable.

Bad battery in the phone

Sometimes the problem with slow charging or not charging can be with the battery. For example, if it is worn out or damaged by a poor quality charger.

Why the phone won't charge on charging

The battery is one of the most important things in a phone ..

Sometimes it also happens that the battery is physically charged, but the controller gives incorrect values. Sometimes it may even prevent the battery from reaching its maximum charge. In this case, you need to contact the service, or at least “run” the smartphone through battery testers, which can be easily found on Google Play upon request.

Another way to solve the problem, which is worth trying before major interventions, is to calibrate the battery. You can read about how to do this in our separate article. If this does not help, then you may have to go to the service. Especially if other troubleshooting methods from this article do not solve the problem.

Does phone firmware affect charging speed

Sometimes this really happens and the charging of the smartphone (including its speed) may depend on the firmware of the smartphone or its correct operation.

A radical way to solve this problem is to completely reset the device with complete loss of data. As a rule, this item is located in the settings. It is necessary to find the section “About phone” or “System”. Less often it appears in the “Security” section. And there will be a “Reset”. You must choose the option that completely restores the factory settings. Just remember to save important data as everything will be erased.

In some cases this can help, but it is more of a final measure. If none of the above helps, then you should try this option. If he did not help, then the only way to solve the problem is to visit the service. Most likely, you have a damaged connector, charge controller, or just a battery.

Why the phone won't charge on charging

There are a lot of things inside the phone that can be damaged by poor charging.

You shouldn't save on the service either. Services “near the metro”, which “replace the battery in 15 minutes”, can create even more problems for you. Replacing the battery is not difficult, but if the iron is damaged it will kill the new battery too. I talked with specialists working in good services, and they explained a lot to me about the fact that there are problems in which even a new battery will overheat and run out quickly. As a result, it will wear out again after a couple of months, and you will think that you bought a low-quality accessory. Paying the extra 500-700 rubles is sometimes cheaper than changing the battery every two months.

In the end, if the battery is out of order earlier than a year and a half to two years later, it is worth considering what is wrong with your smartphone. Most likely, it's not the battery.

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