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Gallery on phone The Gallery app on your phone contains all your photos and pictures. On Samsung devices, all pictures can lie together, split into albums or grouped in stories.

All pictures are in one folder and sorted by shooting date. Moreover, they are divided into groups by months and years – for ease of viewing or if you are looking for some old photo taken a year ago.

Pictures in the Gallery

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All photos and pictures are automatically sorted into albums:

  • photo from the camera,
  • screenshots,
  • uploaded photos,
  • collage,
  • instagram,
  • whatsapp,
  • received / transmitted via bluetooth,
  • and many others, depending on the applications that are installed on the phone.

Photos sorted by albums

Albums make it faster and easier to navigate through photos or find the desired photo.

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You can compose your stories from pictures / photos and send them to your loved ones, friends. Analogue “stories” on Instagram. You can also retrieve and view other people's stories. To do this, click on the bell at the top of the screen – these are alerts. If someone sends you their story, you can view it.

To create a story, click the ellipsis in the upper right corner and “create story”.

Create a story

I don't have my own stories created, but I can view others' stories.

Alien stories from photos

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Share a photo

Long press on the screen will bring up the “share” function. Select the photos you want and then “share”. An additional window will open, select the program through which you want to send the photo. I am using WhatsApp.

Share photo

In the same way, you can delete old unnecessary photos.

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Create GIF Animation

GIF is an animated picture in which images change each other, like watching a video frame by frame.

Click on the ellipsis at the top right and select the Create GIF Animation menu. Next, select the desired pictures and click on the top “Create GIF”.

Create GIF Animation

After creation, you can edit the resulting image. The following options are available:

Setting up gif animation

  • Proportions (1: 1, 4: 3, 3: 4, 16: 9, 9:16). Those. choose the picture format depending on where we will view it: on another phone, on a TV, tablet or monitor screen.
  • Speed ​​(slow, normal, fast) is the speed at which the pictures that make up our gif animation are changing.
  • Direction (Forward, Backward, and Loop) – in which direction the images will change.
  • Decorate – add other photos, stickers, emojis to the picture, or draw by hand. Add sticker to picture

And at the end of editing, remember to save your work.

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Create collage

Click on the ellipsis at the top right and select the Create GIF Animation menu. Next, select the desired pictures and click on the top “Create collage”.

Select the photos for our collage and click Create Collage at the top. You can select a maximum of 6 pictures.

Create collage

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Slide show

Launch a slideshow of all your pictures and photos. It is possible to stop and resume the show (just tap 1 time on the screen).

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The main settings for the Gallery are as follows:

  • Samsung Cloud (for Samsung devices only). This option allows you to sync (move) all your photos to Google cloud storage. A total of 15 GB is available. You can turn on auto-sync – new photos will be automatically downloaded to the cloud (after that you can delete them to save space on your phone – they will remain in the cloud). I recommend setting up sync only via wi-fi to save mobile traffic. Well, you can always remove unnecessary images from the cloud. Gallery, Samsung Cloud settings
  • Cloud view. View photos and videos synced to the cloud.
  • Cloud storage recycle bin. All files in the trash can be stored for 15 days and then automatically deleted.
  • Auto-creation of stories. Automatically create stories based on captured faces and time and location information in photos and videos.
  • Image Recommendations – Get image recommendations for stories.
  • Location display. If the photo or video file contains information about the shooting location, it will be shown in the Gallery.
  • About the “Gallery”. Here you can see the current version of the application and update it.

Refresh Gallery

So, we have considered all the possibilities of the Gallery on Samsung devices. If you have a phone from another manufacturer, the menus and options may differ.

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