Galaxy S20 in Russia can already be bought for almost 20 thousand rubles cheaper

One of the main mistakes that, in my opinion, Samsung made this year, was the refusal to develop the lineup of conditionally available flagships. Many users hoped the Galaxy S20e would be as inexpensive as iPhone 11, but much more attractive in terms of functionality. However, the Koreans, for some unknown reason, decided that the affordable devices would erode the value of their technological breakthroughs, and therefore took and quickly closed the shop, focusing only on expensive models. But the market will always take its toll.

Galaxy S20 in Russia can already be bought for almost 20 thousand rubles cheaper

Galaxy S20 is no longer as expensive as at the start of sales

Despite the fact that only about two months have passed since the start of sales of the Galaxy S20, the price of new items in Russian retail has already dropped by almost 20 thousand rubles from the initial indicators. Now the most affordable offer, according to Yandex.Market, starts at 53 thousand rubles against 70 thousand rubles in official retail. It turns out that the Galaxy S20 has lost almost a quarter of its value in price, or about 25%. This is a rather tangible drop, which practically no one expected in the current market conditions.

Where to Buy Discount Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20 in Russia can already be bought for almost 20 thousand rubles cheaper

Galaxy S20 has dropped in price by 25% in almost 2 months. And what will happen next?

Yes, the price decline occurred only in gray retail, since devices imported into the country through official supply channels are still sold for 70 thousand rubles. But the changes that have taken place are all the more indicative, since since the appearance of the new Samsung flagship in Russia, the ruble against the euro has fallen by more than 20%, not to mention the limitation of gray supplies, since smartphones are bought in quarantine abroad, from where they were usually transported , has become almost impossible.

Of course, gray retail is not the same as official. In the end, there are much more chances to run into a used device or a fake, and the service of the servo trucks, as a rule, is not as good as the large retail chains. But, on the other hand, if you take a responsible approach to the purchase issue and study not only the product, but also the seller himself, you can save a lot. After all, in fact, it makes no difference to the consumer whether the seller paid the tax for the smartphone or not.

Why servo carriers have such low prices

Galaxy S20 in Russia can already be bought for almost 20 thousand rubles cheaper

Can't understand why there are such cheap smartphones in gray retail? It's all about tax refunds

And this is exactly how serovo trucks maintain low prices for their products. They simply buy equipment abroad – most often in Europe – and then simply refund sales tax through the Tax Free program. This is a completely official practice, which allows a foreigner to return up to 20% of the retail price of the product when leaving the country where the purchase was made. In the case of smartphones, especially flagship smartphones, the difference is quite noticeable. As a result, the price in gray retail in Russia for such devices will be much lower than that of the officials.

But what does all this have to do with the lack of a conditionally affordable flagship in the Samsung lineup? And such that thanks to the Galaxy S20 servo carriers, which is considered quite an expensive smartphone, it became possible to buy at the price of the Galaxy S10e. Remember, last year's 'state employee' went on sale for 52,990 rubles. The Galaxy S20 costs exactly the same today, but at the same time offers, unlike a more attractive appearance, a more advanced set of characteristics, and, what is there, an additional year of software support.

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