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Video call The modern capabilities of telecom operators allow making not only voice calls. Today, the speed of mobile Internet of 3G or 4G standard is enough to use video calls.

This can be done even without installing special applications – only by activating a special function from a mobile operator. Each of those who provide such a service, it is called 'Video Call'. Activation takes place in different ways. A few examples:

  • MTS – connected by USSD request 11186 #.
  • Beeline is connected by default.
  • MegaFon – only through your personal account or manually when you call the operator to 0500.

These functions are free, the user pays only a subscription fee for the tariff plan and must have an active Internet connection, since it is through its channels that a connection is established between two subscribers.

Although this is a pretty good feature that allows you not to bother with installing additional programs or configuring them, it is very limited in functionality. For a more complete user experience, it is still better to install one or more applications that can more fully provide the full range of video communication services. Below we will talk about the most interesting of them.

Google duo

Almost an addition to the stock dialer, installed separately, but seamlessly integrated into the system. To install, just find it in the Play Store and download it. The initial configuration does not include anything other than binding a number using a verification SMS message.

After that, the user can immediately see who else is using Duo from the contact list. Those who have not joined can be invited.

The main application window looks like this:

Google duo

It immediately shows the image from the front camera and the last subscriber that the user called for a quick call. If you swipe down, you can record a video message that will play when an incoming call is not answered.

Stretching up, the user gets to the list of all subscribers who use Duo first, and then those who do not.

Contact list

Embedding is expressed in the presence of additional options when you go to the contact card.

Contact card

When the user clicks on the video call button, a confirmation window appears with several more options.

New video call

As you can see, in addition to video communication, you can choose just a voice call or a message recording, which will be listened to by the user later. The first option window looks like this:

Video call window

As soon as the user picks up the phone, the image from the front camera moves to the lower right screen, and a picture from the interlocutor's front camera appears in its place.

The settings are called from the menu, which is located in the upper right corner of the main window.


Of all the options presented, the most interesting is the 'Knock-Knock' mode. It allows two interlocutors to see each other before the connection is fully established.


  • Built into the OS.
  • Focuses exclusively on voice or video communication.
  • Good signal quality.
  • Doesn't “eat” a lot of traffic.
  • There is a mode of saving tariff megabytes.


  • No.

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Super popular application for users from the CIS. Installation and configuration are very easy – just download it from the Market, enter your phone number and wait for automatic activation.

After that, the user is taken to the main screen of the application.


At the top are the pinned chats added to favorites. All the others are located immediately below them. At the bottom there is access to three tabs – 'Chats', which are active by default, 'Calls', which give access to the history of calls made and 'More' – a menu that actually opens access to the application settings.

Viber settings

The settings window looks like this:


Chats with users can be conducted both by voice or using video, and by text, with emoticons and stickers.


At the top, next to the subscriber's name, there are voice and video buttons. To make a call, click on the icon.


As with other similar applications, the caller can see his own image at the bottom of the screen. A video conversation looks like this:

Video call

Any call can be transferred to speakerphone, made only by voice, and even redirected to a computer, provided that Viber is also installed on it, right from this window.


  • Doesn't require complicated registration.
  • Uses internet channel well.
  • There are many settings.
  • High quality of communication.
  • There are text chats.


  • No.

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Messenger from Facebook

The simplest yet most effective app on the list. It is an addition to the most popular social network, but it can also call other subscribers. If you set special permissions.

The installation and configuration method is no different from previous applications, but you will have to sign in to your Facebook account to use all the functions. The main window is a list of all chats with friends from the social network. Each chat looks like this

Chat in Facebook

You can communicate with text using emoticons, gifs, stickers and various short videos. At the same time, the most frequent emoticon is always displayed on the right side of the text input field for quick access. You can record voice messages.

Video chat is invoked by the button in the upper right part of the screen, the dialer window looks like this:


When making a video call, you can apply various masks on your face in real time, invite other people to chat, take screenshots and videos, or switch to text without interrupting the call.


  • Uses one account with Facebook.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Lots of social functions.
  • Good call quality.


  • Any settings are missing.

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