Why smartphones need artificial intelligence

Innovation is a very controversial thing and highly dependent on the perception of those for whom they are created. As a result, what some take for innovation, others may call trivial, which has nothing to do with futuristic ideas. Most often, such disputes occur between fans Apple and Samsung, who rarely agree on the issues of certain innovations of branded smartphones of both brands, occupying trenches on opposite sides of the barricades. However, sometimes there are exceptions, and even companies as different as Apple and Samsung admit that the future of smartphones is in AI.

Why smartphones need artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence in a smartphone will make it easier to use

Most modern smartphones have artificial intelligence support in one way or another. Some manufacturers integrate it at the hardware level, embedding the appropriate circuits in processors, others are limited to software implementation, and still others pass it off as a completely human artificial intelligence. But, one way or another, everyone agrees that he is important and needed. And so that users would also understand this, Samsung decided to literally chew on what is here and what.

Artificial intelligence in smartphones

Why smartphones need artificial intelligence

Sven Dickinson explains why AI is needed in smartphones

'The user does not have to read manuals to figure out which buttons and in what order he should press on the smartphone. Rather, you need to show the device what I (as a user) want and tell it about it in natural language that everyone in the world in which I live can understand. To achieve this breadth of understanding, the gadget must interact with me in a reliable and natural way, as well as see and understand the same world that I myself observe, 'explained Sven Dickinson, head of the Samsung Center for Artificial Intelligence.

It turns out that the main purpose of artificial intelligence is to simplify the use of smartphones, while making it also intuitive. But the fact is that artificial intelligence is not an expert in all areas of knowledge, who by default is able to do better everything we touch, but a grateful student who is constantly learning and, having digested the knowledge gained, applies it in practice. It is thanks to him that you can no longer configure the smartphone camera manually, but simply trust the automation, because the trained AI that underlies it will almost certainly give a better result than you.

How artificial intelligence will change smartphones

Artificial intelligence is the future of the mobile market and the technology market in general. After all, why limit yourself to smartphones when you can extend the practice of using the laboratory mind far beyond it? So Samsung wants to start teaching its AI across all branded devices – from smartphones and tablets to the TVs and washing machines it manufactures. The company has a unique opportunity to combine them with a common interface that will accompany the user when switching between different devices, regardless of their purpose.

Of course, this is an excellent and far-reaching approach, which, in my opinion, spoils a little just that Samsung wants to teach AI to explain its choice to the user. In some use cases, this will indeed be more than relevant. For example, if a smartphone for no reason or no reason brightens the frame when taking a photo, it will have to explain why he did it. However, there may be situations when the user does not need to know the background of artificial intelligence solutions. For example, if he decided to slow down the battery charging speed a little or increased the shutter speed when taking photos. Personally, I don't want to go into details, but just want to use a device that, as they say in Cupertino, just works. Therefore, I will speak for myself right away – you don't have to explain anything to me, just make sure that everything works perfectly. I think artificial intelligence can do it.

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