Why the camera Redmi Note 9 does not shoot well and what to do

I think you have repeatedly heard the expression that it is not a camera that takes pictures, but a person. Say, a real professional will be able to take a masterpiece picture even with a calculator, and judging the work of a photographer by the camera is as offensive as drawing a parallel between the professionalism of a cook and the high cost of his pots. But all this, of course, is pure craftiness. In addition to the fact that the equipment is of great importance for photography, it is equally important to maintain it correctly, even if you are shooting with a regular Android smartphone.

Redmi Note 9

Owners of Redmi Note 9 faced with camera manufacturing defect

Users of smartphones line Redmi Note 9 began to massively complain about the poor quality of their devices. The reason for the unsatisfactory result was dust that gets between the lens and the sensor, interfering with the shooting. Because of this, all photos and videos taken with the camera Redmi Note 9 invariably appear either point defects or a fog effect is created depending on how much dust gets into the camera.

Dust in chamber Redmi Note 9

Camera Redmi Note 9

Under normal conditions, dust cannot get under the camera glass

Apparently, the reason why dust gets under the protective glass of the camera is a manufacturing defect. In any case, under normal operating conditions, dust, in principle, cannot get into the lens due to the tightness of the structure, which prevents even fogging, not to mention everything else. The marriage is also indicated by the massiveness of user complaints. Owners of Redmi Note 9 around the world report that dust has entered their smartphone cameras and interferes with filming.

Dust in the chamber is a pretty serious problem. Due to the fact that it got inside, it cannot be removed from there by wiping the lens with a rag, and because of its presence, the photographs turn out to be damaged, because the matrix captures dust particles. Obviously, the matter is in the broken tightness, which cannot be eliminated on your own. Therefore, it is imperative that Xiaomi provide all affected users with free repairs at branded service centers, wrote one user.

Repair of smartphones Xiaomi

Smartphone Redmi

There is no guarantee that defective smartphones will be repaired for free

Surprisingly, Alvin Tse, CEO of the Indonesian office Xiaomi, responded fairly quickly. He promised to tighten quality control in production and invited everyone who encountered this problem to contact the service center. Read again: I suggested contacting the service center. That is, he did not publish a notification about free repair of damaged components and did not initiate the launch of the maintenance program, as it usually does Apple, but simply suggested. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a charge for lens cleaning service for users.

After-sales service has always been a scourge Xiaomi. Not only can the company afford to abandon software support for its smartphones in the first year after their release, it also does not hesitate to leave users alone with a manufacturing defect. There are many known cases when Xiaomi ignored software failures or failure of certain components of branded devices, forcing customers to apply for paid service, regardless of the presence or absence of a warranty.

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