Google buried its cheapest smartphone. What will happen instead of him?

The Google Pixel line of smartphones was originally conceived as the exact opposite of the Nexus lineup. The new devices were produced exclusively under Google's own brand without mentioning partners, were much more expensive than their predecessors, and were sold in a very limited number of countries. However, the company quickly realized that they would not be able to drive expensive flagships for a long time, and released the affordable Pixel 3a. The smartphone received not the most powerful hardware, which was compensated by a top-end camera. And when it dropped in price to 20 thousand, it became a real gift. It's a pity that this week's gifts are over. Absolutely.

Google buried its cheapest smartphone.  What will happen instead of him?

Pixel 3a is no longer in production. It's strange that he was not offered a replacement

Google has officially stopped selling the Pixel 3a and its larger Pixel 3a XL. This was stated by an official representative of the company, explaining the disappearance of smartphones from the range of the company's online store by the termination of their production. The devices, which were released last May, held out on the market for a little over a year. That's pretty small considering that the classic Pixel 3, which also stopped selling, lasted about six months longer. Google didn't ditch it when the Pixel 4 came out, obviously leaving it as an inexpensive option for those who want a flagship, albeit last year.

Should you buy the Pixel 3a

Google buried its cheapest smartphone.  What will happen instead of him?

Pixel 3a is no longer available in the Google Play Store, but can still be purchased from third-party stores

Quite frankly, the Pixel 3a was much more attractive than the regular Pixel 3, largely because of its price. After all, judging by it, the 'pixels' were bought not so much because of pure Android or hardware, but because of Google cameras. Google developers managed to screw up the software algorithms of the camera so well that even a fairly pass-through module learned to take pictures in the dark in a way that no other smartphone can still do, hold the picture with the help of digital stabilization better than optical stabilization, and, of course, take portrait shots on one camera, better than many manage on two.

If you want to buy the Pixel 3a, while the opportunity is there. For example, a sale is currently taking place in the computeruniverse store. There, the basic version of the smartphone, taking into account delivery and tax, can be bought for about 24 thousand rubles. Yes, it's not cheap for a smartphone with thick bezels, 4 GB of RAM and a frankly small screen. However, it should be borne in mind that, firstly, 'pixels' have never been particularly cheap, and, secondly, by purchasing such a device, you will get access to monthly security updates, Android 11 and all the innovations within Pixel Feature Drop initiative.

When the Pixel 4a comes out

Google buried its cheapest smartphone.  What will happen instead of him?

Pixel 3a should have been replaced by Pixel 4a

Oddly enough, Google is removing the Pixel 3a from the market and not replacing it with anything. Logically, the company should have released it to replace the Pixel 4a, which everyone has been waiting for. But, according to rumors, the coronavirus pandemic forced Google to make adjustments to its plans and either postpone the release of the novelty by several months or cancel it altogether. Moreover, the cancellation is believed more and more, given that the Pixel 4a was supposed to be an intermediate stage between the releases of Pixel 4 and Pixel 5, capturing the attention of the audience. However, it would be a mistake to release Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 at the same time, since the sales of the state employee will obviously eat up the flagship ones and the project risks not even recouping itself, not to mention the income.

Is the Pixel 4a worth the wait? It seems to me that no. Not only do we not know when it will be released and whether it will be released at all, so even if it is released at the start, its price will be very, very high. If you remember, the Pixel 3a went on sale for $ 499. It was quite a lot, so it really began to be in demand only six months later, when Google deigned to lower its price by $ 100. Therefore, if you are looking for a smartphone right now and want exactly a device from Google, you still have a chance to jump into the last car and grab one of the remaining Pixel 3a.

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