Why I don’t buy used smartphones myself and I don’t advise you

Now, when the exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar and the euro is in a protracted fall, many have begun to consider buying smartphones that have already been in use. Despite the fact that in the official retail prices have not changed, gray retailers have already managed to cheat them quite noticeably. Therefore, for some consumers, the only way to get a smartphone from the top segment at a low price is to turn to the secondary market. But personally, I would never buy a used smartphone, I do not advise you to do this either.

Why I don’t buy used smartphones myself and I don’t advise you

The secondary market for smartphones will clearly begin to grow in the face of an increase in the dollar and prices. But do not rush to run to used smartphones

Is it safe to buy a smartphone from your hands?

The first reason I don't want to take my smartphone off hand is for banal hygiene reasons. Perhaps this is my quirk, but I still remember how about 10 years ago on the Internet, people enthusiastically began to discuss whether the smartphone screen reacts to the touch of the genitals. For me, the answer to this question has always been known (although I have not tried it, honestly), because I know that capacitive screens work on the principle of closing the value. That is, whenever the touchscreen touches an object that conducts electricity, the circuit closes and it recognizes the touch. It will not even matter to him what the circuit will be closed – with a finger, a nose or something else.

Why I don’t buy used smartphones myself and I don’t advise you

Handheld smartphones are not hygienic

However, unfortunately, there are enough of those for whom all these subtleties are not obvious. Therefore, I suspect everyone that they could poke their genitals into the screens of their smartphones. I don't know how to overcome this obsessive thought, but I constantly think about it and try not to even take other people's smartphones into my hands, let alone buy them. Of course, you can treat a smartphone bought from your hands with an alcohol solution, but my psyche refuses to recognize this as any effective method of disinfection. It may not be dangerous, but it is certainly unpleasant.

How to check a used smartphone

Why I don’t buy used smartphones myself and I don’t advise you

When buying a smartphone from your hands, you never know what might be wrong with it

The second reason is even more banal, but therefore no less significant. I am not ready to buy a smartphone from a secondary, because I do not know anything about how it was treated and how it was used. It is not known whether the repair was carried out, if so, on what grounds and with the use of which components, and if not, then whether he will need it in the future. But if you can still appreciate the external details by sight, then with the internal things everything is different. And that's not to mention the fact that a used smartphone has a worn out battery.

Why do I say that the assessment will have to be done only in appearance? Yes, because in an authorized service center, they will probably refuse to check you due to lack of reason, and in the basement where some self-taught person works, I would not advise in principle to meddle. After all, it is not written on the forehead of the 'master' whether he knows how to handle the technique or not. It is not even an hour before he breaks something instead of a banal check.

But even if the seller is a good acquaintance of mine, I still won't buy a smartphone from him, because even neat people have phones falling. It would seem, what's the big deal? But there is a problem, and the founder Android Insider.ru Mikhail Korolev suggested it to me. Once he was faced with the fact that his smartphone, which has protection from water and dust, simply stopped turning on after using it in the pool. He was very surprised by this, because before that he had always swam in the water with the apparatus and had no problems. The service center disassembled the device and found out that it had a damaged silicone gasket, which ensured tightness, because of which moisture penetrated into the case and damaged it. At the same time, there was no external damage to the smartphone. It's good that the smartphone sank before Korolev thought to sell it. Is not it? ?

What's more profitable: a new smartphone or a used one

Why I don’t buy used smartphones myself and I don’t advise you

Used smartphones are not always cheaper than new ones

The third reason is more intricate, and it consists in the irrationality of buying Android – smartphones in the secondary market. With iPhone, the situation is somewhat different, but by and large this alignment is also applicable to him. See for yourself. I have already clearly proved that a smartphone is the worst investment tool, because in just a year it can lose up to 50% of the retail price. If it goes on sale at a price of 70 thousand rubles, be prepared that in 6-9 months it will be possible to buy it for 40-42. Yes, it will be a 'gray' imported into the country bypassing the official supply channels, but it will still be new.

The paradox is that people who bought a flagship at full price, even after a year, hardly want to discount half of its price. As a result, in the secondary market, you can find advertisements for the sale of the Galaxy S10 for about 35-38 thousand rubles, which costs 40 thousand rubles for the new servo carriers. Surely the seller will offer you a cover, protective glass and any other rubbish for 3-5 thousand rubles as a gift. But you don't agree. In the end, it is not known what was poked at it before the sale, and how carefully it was used.

As you can see, there is practically no reason to buy a smartphone from your hands, unless you want to help someone out. Another thing is that, even after helping out friends, you run the risk of running into hidden problems that may not appear immediately, but several weeks or even months after the purchase. The worst thing in this situation is that it will be completely pointless to prove anything in this situation, since the seller will be sure that the breakdown occurred through your fault, and you – that through the fault of the seller. So it won't be long to lose an acquaintance.

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