Which Samsung smartphone will become the most popular in Russia in 2020?

Remember the times when Samsung smartphones were unreasonably expensive and, at the same time, technically much inferior to devices from Chinese manufacturers? Much has changed since then, and Samsung is gradually beginning to realize that consumers need value in comparison to competitors. The turning point for the company was the release in 2018 of the updated Galaxy A line. The release of the Galaxy AX0 line devices consolidated the company's position in the Russian market in 2019. What will Samsung make us happy in 2020, and which device could become the most popular?

Which Samsung smartphone will become the most popular in Russia in 2020?

Galaxy A51 may become the most popular smartphone in Russia in 2020

In December 2019, Samsung introduced the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. And if the A71 is unlikely to win the hearts of consumers because of the too expensive segment, then the A51 has every chance.

The cost of the device on the Russian market should be disclosed in January, but already on the official website you can evaluate the specifications of the device.

The smartphone will most likely cost about 20 thousand rubles for the basic modification. Abroad, the device is estimated at about 21 thousand rubles, but Samsung, most likely, will not overstep the psychological mark of 19,990 rubles.

Currently, the Galaxy A50 costing 15,990 rubles is extremely popular in Russia. During this day, consumers receive FHD Super AMOLED – a screen and relatively good hardware: 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal memory, a 24 megapixel front camera.

The AX0 line has become popular due to the presence of AMOLED – low cost displays. Previously, in this price segment, the company could not offer such screens.

What does the A51 catch?

The Galaxy A50 looks outdated against the A51. The Galaxy A51 looks just as good as the 2020 flagships Samsung has yet to hit the market. We suggest discussing the appearance of the device in Telegram.

Especially consumers will be pleased with thin frames and a cutout in the form of a small dot in the center for the front camera, which, by the way, is 32 megapixels. This resolution is enough to make great selfies. The neat appearance of the smartphone, coupled with an equally neat outer shell, create the same effect that is inherent in flagship devices. However, there are still disadvantages. The smartphone is made entirely of plastic, including a glossy metal-like end. And this is sad, because for 20 thousand, which Samsung will ask for the device, the company could use metal, as it does Xiaomi in its mid-budget smartphones.

Xiaomi for 15 thousand or Samsung for 20?

Consumers will have an obvious choice: buy a smartphone Xiaomi for 15 thousand rubles on the gray market or Aliexpress, which is technically even slightly better than Samsung, or choose the Galaxy A51. Officially in Russia you can buy Redmi Note 8 Pro for 17,990 rubles. The device seems technically less interesting with an IPS screen, so we wouldn't take it seriously. The obvious competitor to the A51 is the Mi 9 Lite. The device offers good hardware, FHD AMOLED – the screen and, in general, is very similar to the A51.

Mi 9 Lite in China can be purchased for 15 thousand rubles, but then the user will not receive an official guarantee in Russia. Note 8 Pro PCT with an IPS screen and a wide chin does not seem entirely relevant, but the A51 offers both an official guarantee in Russia and a modern appearance. And it is for this combination that many will be ready to overpay those same 5 thousand rubles. In addition, Samsung is also an adequate and pleasant-to-use OneUI 2.0 software based on Android 10. It seems to me that this is a more advantageous option in comparison with the 'twitchy' and not very attractive appearance MIUI.

Of the other characteristics of the A51, we single out 4 main cameras (48-megapixel + two 5-megapixel depth cameras + 12-megapixel ultra wide-angle). The Galaxy A51 has a built-in Bixby assistant that adapts the smartphone to you. It can reduce the emission of blue light by switching to Night mode, while getting into the car the device remains unlocked and continues to play music.

The device weighs 172 grams, has a 4000 mAh battery and supports NFC. Do you think the A51 will be a hit in 2020? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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